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the crowd un­der con­trol, the rest of the team must make their way down to the vault to se­cure the cash. Of course, this is eas­ier said than done, as any multi­na­tional bank worth its salt keeps its funds se­curely locked up in­side a large, cast-iron safe. Step for­ward, then, Terry’s celebrity Safe Cracker... Is­raeli para­nor­mal­ist URI GELLER.

Geller is fa­mous for his in­cred­i­ble abil­ity to bend cut­lery and start watches us­ing only the power of his mind and his hands. It takes him mere mo­ments to warp a sim­ple kitchen spoon be­yond all recog­ni­tion, so his tele­ki­netic psy­chic fac­ul­ties would prob­a­bly work their magic on a sup­pos­edly im­preg­nable bank vault door in about five min­utes.

Of course, if for any rea­son Geller is un­suc­cess­ful in men­tally bend­ing the safe open, all is not lost, for he also pos­sesses the power of telepa­thy - the abil­ity to quite lit­er­ally read an­other per­son’s mind. This would mean he could sim­ply squint very hard at the bank’s man­ager head while putting his fin­gers to his tem­ple a bit un­til the safe’s com­bi­na­tion ap­peared, writ­ten on a play­ing card in a sealed en­ve­lope found in one of his fel­low rob­bers’ in­side pock­ets.”

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