Think YOU could cut it as a top-flight athe­ist fire­brand foot­ball of­fi­cial? Find out be­low...

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1. In the sec­ond half of a game, you award a free kick five yards out­side the penalty area af­ter an ob­vi­ous hand­ball for which you cau­tion the of­fender. The defending team form a four-man wall ten yards away and you whis­tle to restart the game. How­ever, as the op­pos­ing striker steps for­ward to take the kick, he turns to you and in­sists that an om­ni­scient su­per­nat­u­ral de­ity cre­ated the uni­verse in seven days and that you, as an un­be­liever are bound for the flames of hell. What do you do? 2. A keeper brings down a striker in a one-on-one sit­u­a­tion with­out mak­ing any at­tempt to get the ball. You blow your whis­tle and point straight to the penalty spot, only for the ball to con­tinue rolling and drib­ble into the net. The striker cel­e­brates, whilst the keeper rushes across to you and sug­gests that be­lief in Dar­winian evo­lu­tion is not wholly in­com­pat­i­ble with re­li­gious faith. He’s al­ready on a yel­low card. How do you re­act? 3. An at­tacker is brought down by a de­fender af­ter what you deem a reck­less chal­lenge. He is in­jured and you sig­nal for the physio to en­ter the field of play. You speak to the de­fender, but he protests in­no­cence, say­ing that ac­cord­ing toThomas Aquinas’s trea­tise on the­o­log­i­cal de­ter­min­ism, di­vine prov­i­dence de­mands that ev­ery­thing is pre-or­dained, and that by com­mit­ting the foul he was merely car­ry­ing out God’s plan, the work­ings of which we must not ques­tion. What ac­tion do you take? taken. be can kick free the indi­cate to whis­tle your blow Then con­duct. un­gentle­manly for him cau­tion will you damna­tion, eter­nal with again you threat­ens he if that him re­mind but ac­tion, any take not Do too. Mon­ster, Spaghetti fly­ing a in be­lieve well as might he then God, knowingall- an in be­lieves he if that ex­plain and aside striker the Take A1. field. the off him or­der and red straight a him Show pitch. the on re­main can­not he means de­sign in­tel­li­gent for case the and find­ings Dar­win’s be­tween con­tra­dic­tion bla­tant the grasp to re­fusal his but line, the crossed ball the as op­por­tu­nity, scor­ing­goal- a deny not did he Tech­ni­cally, off. keeper the send to not or whether is now de­ci­sion only The taken. be must penalty the and blown, was whis­tle the af­ter line the crossed ball the as stand can­not goal The A2. play. reck­less for card yel­low a him show Then foul. a com­mit to not or whether de­cid­ing when have we will free the af­fect not do strong, though al­which, de­ter­min­ism psy­cho­log­i­cal and cul­tural bi­o­log­i­cal, are lives our af­fect that de­ter­minisms only the that de­fender the to Ex­plain field. the leave to physio the and him ask then and ment treat- re­ceives player in­jured the that En­sure A3.

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