That Bloke Kiss­ingThat Bird's Arse Cor­ner

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WHILE watch­ing a re­cent doc­u­men­tary about art his­tory, I was sur­prised to learn that the cen­tral fig­ure in Ed­vard Munch's mas­ter­piece The Scream is not ac­tu­ally scream­ing, but re­spond­ing to hav­ing heard a scream. This in­ver­sion of my pre­con­cep­tions set me think­ing. Have we per­haps, for all these years, been look­ing at a pic­ture of a man be­ing slapped in the mouth by a bird's arse?

Elvis Wood­fist, West Kanyeville

YOU obliged David Herron (Viz is­sue 274) with a mir­ror im­age of that bloke kiss­ing that bird’s arse. Now that we are leav­ing Europe and aim­ing for stronger ties with the Com­mon­wealth, how about print­ing it up­side down for our Aus­tralian cousins, and my Tas­ma­nian one who lives near Ho­bart?

Ge­off Green­smith, Chip­ping-on -the-Chod-Bin

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