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NEXT to jew­ellery, ER’s great­est love is her pack of pedi­gree cor­gis. These bad-tem­pered, short-legged pooches en­joy the sort of pam­pered palace life­style that­many of her sub­jects can only dream of, tuck­ing into tin af­ter tin of Cae­sar Select - per­haps the most ex­pen­sive pet­food on the su­per­mar­ket shelf at £1.25 for a small can.

But stop and think for a moment; whilst the Queen is royal and has there­fore earned her lux­u­ri­ous, op­u­lent life­style, her dozen-strong ca­nine en­tourage have merely had the good for­tune to be born in the right place and at the right time.

And with match­ing sets of dogs at her other res­i­dences in Wind­sor, San­dring­ham and Bal­moral, there is no rea­son why Buck­ing­ham Palace’s out­ra­geous yearly pet food bill of £43,860 can­not be brought to heel. Most su­per­mar­kets pro­duce their own bud­get ranges of dog din­ners, with prices start­ing at just 30p or less per tin. Or even bet­ter, butch­ers will of­ten give cus­tomers a sheep’s head or bag of guts for noth­ing.

Saved £43,860

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