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Maths: What’s the name of the long­est side of a right-an­gled tri­an­gle, op­po­site the right an­gle? French: What does the word se­maine mean? Maths: Aled is mak­ing or­ange squash and uses the squash to wa­ter ra­tio 1:5. How much wa­ter would Aled need to add to 40ml of squash? His­tory: What was the name of the group founded by Em­me­line Pankhurst de­voted to achiev­ing equal votes for women? Maths: Joshua buys 30 bot­tles of lemon­ade for a party. He is given 20% dis­count off the to­tal price. One bot­tle costs 80p be­fore the dis­count. How much does he pay? Ger­man: The Ger­man word häh­nchen means what in English? English: What was the name of King Lear’s youngest daugh­ter? Sci­ence: Which is the only rock that floats? Ge­og­ra­phy: What is the high­est moun­tain in the An­des? son? Maths: What is 0.4 ex­pressed as a per­cent­age? French: What is the French word for cas­tle? His­tory: What was the name of Henry VIII’s only sur­viv­ing English: What is a word called if it sounds the same as an­other but is spelled dif­fer­ently? His­tory: Eu­gene Cer­nan was the last man to do what? Maths: What is the square root of 121? Ge­og­ra­phy: From which na­tive Amer­i­can tribe did Poc­a­hon­tas come? Sci­ence: What is the chem­i­cal sym­bol for sodium? Maths: How many sides does a trape­zoid have? Ge­og­ra­phy: Which sea separates Europe from Africa? His­tory: World War II started in which year? Sci­ence: What is the name of the thigh bone? Ge­og­ra­phy: Ve­su­vius is lo­cated in which coun­try? English: Name the two war­ring fam­i­lies in Romeo and Juliet. English: In which Charles Dick­ens novel was Miss Hav­isham jilted on her wed­ding day? Clas­sics: In Ro­man mythol­ogy, Nep­tune is the equiv­a­lent to which Greek god? Mu­sic: Who com­posed the mu­sic en­ti­tled Wed­ding March? His­tory: In which US city was Pres­i­dent John F Kennedy as­sas­si­nated? French: What is the French word for dog? Sci­ence: The chem­i­cal sym­bol Fe rep­re­sents which metal? Ge­og­ra­phy: In which US state is the Grand Canyon lo­cated? Ari­zona. 30 Iron; 29 Chien; 28 Dal­las; 27 Men­delsshon; Felix 26 Po­sei­don; 25 Ex­pec­ta­tions; Great 24 Ca­pulet; and Mon­tague 23 Italy; 22 Fe­mur; 21 1939; 20 Mediter­ranean; 19 4; 18 Na; 17 Al­go­nquin; 16 11; 15 moon; the on Walk 14 Ho­mo­phone; 13 Ed­ward; 12 Chateau; 11 40%; 10 Aconcagua; 9 Pu­mice; 8 Cordelia; 7 Chicken; 6 19.20;£ 5 Union; Po­lit­i­cal and So­cial Women’s 4 200ml; 3 Week; 2 Hy­potenuse; 1 An­swers:


Young­sters are go­ing back to school this week

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