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DE­HEUBARTH came into ex­is­tence in 920 when Hy­wel Dda com­bined the king­doms of Dyfed and Sei­syllwg. It cov­ered the ar­eas now known as Ceredi­gion, Car­marthen­shire and Pem­brokeshire, but also took in Gower. Hy­wel had his base at Dine­fwr, near Llan­deilo, but the area was later re­peat­edly over­run by the Welsh of the north and east, in­clud­ing Lly­we­lyn ap Sei­syll of Gwynedd and Rhy­d­derch ab Iestyn of Mor­gan­nwg. There were then re­peated Nor­man in­cur­sions but in the 12th cen­tury Lord Rhys briefly got the king­dom back to the sta­tus Hy­wel had reached around 200 years ear­lier. But when he died, his king­dom was di­vided among his sev­eral sons and af­ter Ed­ward I’s con­quest, it was di­vided into Cered­gion, Car­marthen­shire and Pem­brokeshire.

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