Mum, 22, ‘died’ for 68 min­utes after suf­fer­ing

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AMUM whose heart stopped for more than an hour when she gave birth woke from a coma be­liev­ing she was 13.

After suf­fer­ing four dev­as­tat­ing mis­car­riages, Shan­non Everett was de­lighted to dis­cover she was preg­nant with a sib­ling for her three­year-old daugh­ter Mika.

But dur­ing labour, the 22-year-old suf­fered a rare am­ni­otic fluid em­bolism, plung­ing her into car­diac ar­rest, and she be­gan haem­or­rhag­ing.

Doc­tors were able to bring her back from the brink of death after 68 min­utes, after de­liv­er­ing her baby boy Nico.

Shan­non, from Cwm­bran, was placed in a med­i­cally in­duced coma to save her life last Septem­ber.

When she was wo­ken two weeks later, her fam­ily was dev­as­tated to dis­cover her mem­ory was se­verely af­fected, and she no idea she had two chil­dren and a fi­ancé, Ioan.

Her mum Ni­cola Everett said: “We went to the hos­pi­tal that day in Septem­ber ex­pect­ing to come home with a new baby, but it’s like we have an­other child, too, be­cause Shan­non needs a lot of care.”

The fam­ily are fundraising to raise money to­wards that care.

Ni­cola, a full-time carer her­self, said: “She kept call­ing me ‘mammy’ and when we asked her where she lived, she gave us the ad­dress for a house we’d lived in when she was 13.

“She had no idea who her fi­ancé was and didn’t be­lieve us when we told her she had two kids. It was like she’d for­got­ten her whole life and thought she was a teenager again.”

After spend­ing six weeks in hos­pi­tal, Shan­non was fi­nally dis­charged last week and is be­ing cared for by her mother at her par­ents’ home; a half-hour bus jour­ney from Ioan and their chil­dren.

Ni­cola said: “The brain in­jury has re­ally af­fected her sight.

“Sadly, she is al­most un­able to see any­thing.

“She can just make out the out­line of shapes.

“Bonding with Nico has been dif­fi­cult, be­cause she has no mem­o­ries of be­ing preg­nant or giv­ing birth.

“Ioan brought in videos of their three-year-old daugh­ter Mika which at least helped to jog her mem­ory of her.”

Slowly, the fam­ily have tried to bring back mem­o­ries for Shan­non, but she is still miss­ing large parts of her life.

She is also hav­ing in­ten­sive phys­io­ther­apy, which doc­tors hope will help her to re­learn how to do ev­ery­thing from feed­ing her­self to tak­ing a few steps.

Al­though Shan­non has worked hard to learn to sit up, move her arms and even take a few steps, she is still mainly con­fined to a wheel­chair and needs help to do most things.

Ni­cola said: “I have a dis­abled daugh­ter, Evie, so my house is al­ready adapted for a wheel­chair and I can help to care for her.

“Our aim is to find a house closer to us for Ioan and the chil­dren, so they can spend as much time to­gether as pos­si­ble, as they are cur­rently about a half-hour bus ride away.”

Ni­cola said: “We’re so proud of Shan­non and how far she has come.

“Re­cently, her grandad asked her what has made her push her­self so hard and she told him it’s all for her chil­dren.

“It’s been such a dif­fi­cult few weeks and we just want her fam­ily to be to­gether again.”

Ni­cola is de­ter­mined to work with Shan­non to re­store her mo­bil­ity and mem­ory, with their ul­ti­mate goal be­ing for her to walk down the aisle when she is bet­ter.

Her mother said: “When she was in in­ten­sive care, I told Ioan that I wouldn’t think any less of him if he left her, but he told me there was no way. He loved her and he knew he wanted to marry her.

“I promised him I would get her to walk down the aisle.

“It won’t be easy but I know she can do it.”

Due to the small size of Shan­non’s baby, she was ad­mit­ted to the Royal Gwent Hos­pi­tal in New­port a few days be­fore her due date.

How­ever, when she ar­rived there with Ioan and her mother by her side on the morn­ing of Septem­ber 29, doc­tors were shocked to dis­cover she was al­ready two cen­time­tres di­lated.

By 11pm the next night she was just 5cm di­lated, but was shortly moved to the de­liv­ery room, where she swiftly be­came 10cm di­lated and was told to start push­ing.

Ni­cola said: “It was mo­ment.

“First she told her fi­ancé she loved him and then me and I replied, ‘I love you too, baby.’”

Then, just be­fore mid­night, her heart stopped beat­ing.

Ni­cola said: “Sud­denly, I re­alised Shan­non was un­con­scious. There was noise from all the ma­chines and the room was in­stantly filled with doc­tors and nurses.

“I was just hold­ing her head telling her to open her eyes and keep push­ing.”

As the drama un­folded, doc­tors ush­ered Ni­cola and Ioan out of the room. The cou­ple had tried for three years to have a sec­ond child.

Ni­cola said: “I didn’t want to leave a lovely

After suf­fer­ing four dev­as­tat­ing mis­car­riages, Shan­non Everett, pic­tured here with fi­ance Ioan, was de­lighted to dis­cover she was

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