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The Ja­panese pour-over cof­fee brew­ing method may be a fine ex­pres­sion of slow liv­ing, but we never un­der­stood the fid­dle of heat­ing water on a hob or trans­fer­ring hot water from a ket­tle that boils water to one that just pours. So we are grate­ful for Bal­muda’s ‘The Pot’, which com­bines the boil­ing and pour­ing func­tions in one stylish gad­get. Kalita’s neat new cof­fee grinder, Kinto’s com­pact brew­ing stand, and the bril­liant fil­ter holder and scoops by Ate­lier 2/F com­plete our Ja­pan-in­spired cof­fee bar.

From left, tray, €225, by Brdr Krüger. ‘The Pot’, ¥11,800 ($106), by Bal­muda. ‘Ter­res de Rêves’ cups, €16 each, by Anita Le Grelle, for Serax. Brewer stand, £180, by Kinto. Yacht fil­ter holder, ¥3,800 ($34); long spoon, ¥2,800 ($25); tri­an­gu­lar spoon, ¥2,200 ($20), all by Ate­lier 2/F, from Imag­i­na­tion Cof­fee Ka­makura. Grinder, ¥59,400 ($535), by Kalita

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