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GOOD FOR: Vol­canic hikes and off-grid is­land-hop­ping

Life on the world’s most re­mote in­hab­ited ar­chi­pel­ago is not fast-paced. But therein lies the joy of Tris­tan da Cunha, where the only way on or off the is­land is via a six-day sail on an in­fre­quent ship from Cape Town – al­ba­tross trail­ing in your wake for much of the 2,800km jour­ney – or as part of a longer ex­pe­di­tion cruise. Just reach­ing this far-flung Bri­tish Over­seas Ter­ri­tory – the ‘Ed­in­burgh of the South Seas’ – is an achieve­ment.

Tris­tan is tiny ( just 254 peo­ple live here), but there’s plenty to ex­plore. You could hike up vol­cani­cally ac­tive Queen Mary’s Peak (2,062m) to stare into the heart-shaped crater lake. You could visit the rock­hop­per pen­guin rook­ery (best in Jan­uary). Or you could pop into the Thatched Mu­seum, join a guided walk or even have a game of golf.

The equally re­mote ‘nearby’ is­lands of St Helena and As­cen­sion com­plete this Bri­tish south­ern At­lantic ter­ri­tory. The for­mer was the site of Napoleon’s ex­ile, while As­cen­sion has bub­bling fu­maroles and nest­ing green sea tur­tles (Dec-jul). Also, nearer Tris­tan is the Unesco-listed out­crop of Gough Is­land, home to more than eight mil­lion seabirds from at least 23 dif­fer­ent species.

GET­TING THERE: Vis­i­tors to Tris­tan need prior per­mis­sion from the Is­land Coun­cil, which can take 40 days (tri­s­ The MFV Ed­in­burgh, Mvf­geosearcher, mvbaltic­trader and Saag­ul­hasii sail be­tween Cape Town and Tris­tan; ad­vance booking es­sen­tial.

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