Would you feel safe with a soli­tary pi­lot?

Boe­ing is toy­ing with solo pilots, start­ing with cargo planes but with com­mer­cial flights pos­si­bly to fol­low. So, would you feel safe with just one pi­lot at the helm?

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Gareth Clark, Wanderlust writer “Things don’t hap­pen in a vac­uum. Should solo pilots be­come a re­al­ity, fail­safes will be cre­ated (pre-flight med­i­cals for pilots on all flights; re­mote flight con­trol ca­pa­bil­ity). We trust our safety to machines as it is – the pi­lot is largely there as an in­ter­preter – and with most com­mer­cial flights al­ready fit­ted with au­to­mated fly­ing and land­ing sys­tems, full au­to­ma­tion won’t be too far away. Soon enough, the sin­gle pi­lot will just be the fail­safe; this is just get­ting ahead of the curve.”


Tabitha Green, Wanderlust reader “No, sim­ply be­cause if the pi­lot is taken ill, then some­one needs to be able to re­li­ably con­trol and land the plane. As far as I am aware, while there are lots of au­to­matic pro­grammes avail­able to pilots these days, none can be fully re­lied upon in the event of any un­usual cir­cum­stances or ad­verse weather con­di­tions. In such cases, I would as­sume there is a greater chance of dis­as­ter if some­thing has hap­pened to the pi­lot.”

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