EU fund­ing and what the real cost is to us

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P K Neaf­sey, May 25, lauds our EU mem­ber­ship for al­lo­cat­ing our area £136 mil­lion from its De­vel­op­ment Fund and award­ing con­tracts to Coven­try Univer­sity worth an­other £35 mil­lion. This is chicken feed.

Last week The Times re­ported on an anti-cor­rup­tion agent be­ing am­bushed by gun-wield­ing mem­bers of the Cosa Nos­tra. He had un­cov­ered a scam whereby the Si­cil­ian mafia were skim­ming £400 mil­lion a year from the graz­ing rights.

Back in 2008 when Bul­garia joined, their mafia (mostly made up of cor­rupt of­fi­cials from the ex-Soviet era) skimmed a min­i­mum of £2 bil­lion from the way EU grants were awarded.

Then there are the many ex­am­ples of waste. In 2012, again in Si­cily, the EU paid for a 120ft lift to con­nect a vil­lage with a monastery in or­der to boost tourism. It cost £1.5 mil­lion pounds and has never been used be­cause the coun­cil can­not af­ford its op­er­at­ing, main­te­nance and in­surance costs.

What P K Neaf­sey is say­ing is that sys­tem­atic theft of our money and the ero­sion of our democ­racy is a price worth pay­ing. He is also say­ing that, if we were not in the EU he doesn’t trust our gov­ern­ments to spend the money we would save wisely.

One more thought. Per­haps he should have a word with the Met Po­lice and find out the na­tion­al­ity of the crim­i­nal gangs which con­trol the var­i­ous drug mar­kets in this coun­try. How did they get in? Richard Allen Whober­ley Coven­try

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