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COVEN­TRY City coun­cil­lor Glenn Wil­liams is right to say that Margaret Thatcher is, “the great­est po­lit­i­cal hero­ine we have ever had,” and he proudly quotes The Lady: “In my life­time all our prob­lems have come from main­land Europe and all the so­lu­tions have come from the English-speak­ing na­tions across the world.”

Our cur­rent prob­lems ex­ist out­side of The Lady’s life­time.

Nev­er­the­less, Coun­cil­lor Glenn Wil­liams should take Lady Thatcher’s ad­vice and ac­tu­ally lis­ten to the lead­ers of the English speak­ing world at this time: all around the world from the first part of the daily time zone hori­zon to the last they are say­ing, very clearly, em­phat­i­cally, and in English, that it is in our best in­ter­ests to vote to re­main in the EU.

In ad­di­tion, the lead­ers of the non-English speak­ing world who re­gard them­selves as our friends, from the first part of the daily time zone hori­zon to the last, are also say­ing, in English, that we ought to vote to re­main.

We have yet to solve the puzzle of why any­one would want to vote other than to say the United King­dom should re­main a mem­ber of the Euro­pean Union. Michael Lana­gan Coundon Coven­try

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