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It’s fair to say The A-Z of Lon­don was a unique on­line project, as the web el­e­ment was just a small facet within a broader cam­paign. Even then, a great deal of the work was re­alised by the 26 an­i­mated vi­gnettes that would rep­re­sent ev­ery fea­tured word. At the heart of that de­sign and il­lus­tra­tion work was se­nior cre­ative Milo Tar­gett, who spear­headed the con­cep­tual ef­fort from the ear­li­est point with an open mind. “It re­ally helps if

I’m as un­crit­i­cal of what I’m do­ing as pos­si­ble at the ini­tial con­cept stage and there­fore any­thing goes,” Tar­gett ex­plains. “By the end of the day I take a look at what I have and start trim­ming most of it away, hope­fully end­ing up with a few good ideas that I can present to the rest of the team. We then go through what’s work­ing and build on those ideas. Often I will show a few of the ‘of­f­cuts’ with the team too, as it’s good to iden­tify where these lit­tle bits could be re­pur­posed for a dif­fer­ent sec­tion. Noth­ing goes to waste!”

With a vi­sion of the vi­su­als tak­ing shape on pa­per, it meant that at­ten­tions could switch to how they might be pre­sented later. “The early sketches are very rough at the ini­tial phases, but they should give a flavour of the fi­nal piece. Once we had that, we could begin roughly sketch­ing up how the in­ter­ac­tive el­e­ment would look, how the me­chan­ics of it would work and how it should feel to use.”

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