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Bot­pre­view bot­pre­ Sketch and design your own chat­bot in­ter­ac­tions us­ing the Bot­pre­view on­line ed­i­tor and share them or ex­port as static HTML or MP4/GIF video, with­out writ­ing a sin­gle line of code. Bot­so­ci­ety bot­so­ci­ Design voice and chat in­ter­faces us­ing the on­line web ed­i­tor by quickly build­ing a high-fidelity pre­view of your next chat­bot or voice as­sis­tant. Bot­so­ci­ety takes care of the ap­pear­ance, the plat­form lim­i­ta­tions, the pre­view, the ex­port and the user test­ing for you. Bot­mock bot­ Bot­mock uses a drag-and-drop ed­i­tor with tem­plates to build pro­to­types of con­ver­sa­tional design. Map out the cus­tomer’s jour­ney, and cre­ate a live pre­view that can be ex­ported to GIF and video. Bots UI Kit for Sketch bots.mock­u­u­ A sim­ple and fully cus­tomis­able Sketch UI kit to help you design and show­case your Face­book Mes­sen­ger Bots. All el­e­ments are turned into new branded Sketch symbols, so pro­to­typ­ing has never been eas­ier. Walkie This tool is es­pe­cially for Slack users to help design slack bot di­a­logues. It pro­vides an easy way to write and test bot di­a­logues, which in­clude but­tons and also at­tach­ments.

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