Map­ping the points on the face

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You may be won­der­ing how the num­bers for the points on the face ac­tu­ally re­late to a face. How might some­thing just cover the right eye, such as a pi­rate eye patch? The an­swer lies on the clm­tracker Github page (https://github. com/auduno/clm­trackr).

Here you will find an image with all 70 fa­cial points shown in their re­la­tion­ship to the face. Us­ing this as a guide it is pos­si­ble to get hold of any point, such as the right eye us­ing ‘po­si­tions[32][0]’ for the x axis po­si­tion and ‘po­si­tions[32] [1]’ for the y axis po­si­tion. The tu­to­rial uses the points be­tween each eye to work out the an­gle that the head is tilted and the scale of the head as each user is likely to be po­si­tioned at dif­fer­ent depths.

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