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POSTCSS is one of the big­gest ‘al­ter­na­tives’ to Sass, Less and Stylus when it comes to pre­pro­cess­ing based on its ap­proach – it lever­ages a mod­u­lar plugin sys­tem that al­lows the user to customise their fea­ture set and com­pi­la­tion as much as they want. This means that rather than just adopt­ing a li­brary in its en­tirety, you get to choose what it’s made of. Un­like many other pre­proces­sors, POSTCSS makes no as­sump­tions about the fea­tures or stack that you’re us­ing. In­stead, you sim­ply add the plug­ins that you would like based on the fea­tures you want to use. You can add plug­ins to give it the ex­act same fea­tures as a li­brary like Sass. Due to this mod­u­lar ap­proach, it means that you can even use plug­ins com­pletely by them­selves, such as auto-pre­fix­ing and mini­fi­ca­tion, rather than build­ing a full li­brary.

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