5 How to pre­vent the Creators Up­date from freez­ing your screen

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QI in­stalled Creators Up­date a cou­ple of days ago. It went quite smoothly, and ev­ery­thing is as I’d ex­pect it to be ex­cept that my screen keeps freez­ing and I get mes­sages say­ing “X is not re­spond­ing”. This hap­pens mainly with In­ter­net Ex­plorer but Chrome has been af­fected, too. Most of the time, the Win­dows ‘in­ves­ti­gat­ing’ boxes are in­ef­fec­tive and I have to open Task Man­ager to kill the pro­gram there be­fore re­open­ing it.

A side is­sue, as I type this, is that I’ve no­ticed the cur­sor on the screen isn’t ex­actly syn­chro­nised with the key strokes. Can any­one sug­gest how I might fix these prob­lems?

dad­dy­bear, Web User Fo­rums

AYou could try check­ing to see if a video-driver up­date is avail­able. First, open Win­dows Up­date and check that any fol­low-up up­dates have been in­stalled. Then open De­vice Man­ager (by typ­ing its name into the Start menu), and ex­pand the en­try for ‘Dis­play adapters’. Right-click the de­vice in this list, then se­lect ‘Up­date driver’ and ‘Search au­to­mat­i­cally for up­dated driver soft­ware’. If you have no luck with this method, Event Viewer and Re­li­a­bil­ity Mon­i­tor may give you some in­sight into what’s caus­ing the freezes.

Cantrel, Web User Fo­rums

Event Viewer lets you check Win­dows Logs for er­rors, which can help you find faults

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