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Share photos as video an­i­ma­tions with Ap­ple Clips for IOS

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Ap­ple Clips: | 10 mins | IOS 10.3

Clips is the lat­est free app from Ap­ple that lets you com­bine video clips, photos and mu­sic and turn them into pro­fes­sional-look­ing videos to share with friends through the IOS Mes­sages app, or on Instagram, Face­book, Youtube, Vimeo and more.

It has dozens of mu­sic sound­tracks to choose from, which au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just to match the length of a video. The app also has a Live Ti­tles tool that lets you cre­ate animated cap­tions and ti­tles us­ing your voice. Cap­tions are gen­er­ated au­to­mat­i­cally as you speak, and sup­port 36 dif­fer­ent lan­guages (should you be able to speak them).

Clips is com­pat­i­ble with the iphone 5s and later, all new ipads and the six­th­gen­er­a­tion ipod touch. You’ll need to be run­ning IOS 10.3 or later to in­stall it.

1When you launch the app, it opens on Video 1 so you can record one or more clips. Point your cam­era at a sub­ject, then tap and hold the ‘Hold to record’ but­ton. 2 The video will ap­pear be­low. 3 When you’ve fin­ished record­ing, let go of the but­ton.

2Tap the Play but­ton 1 to pre­view the clip in the main win­dow. 2 You can pause it at any point, and do­ing so brings up a se­lec­tion of tools. You can tog­gle the sound on or off, 3 trim un­wanted el­e­ments 4 or delete the clip and start again. 5 If you’re happy with the re­sult, tap the Done but­ton.

3If you want to add static images to your movie, tap Photo, 1 then tap the shut­ter but­ton to take the pic­ture. You’ll have the op­tion to re­take it. Hold down the red but­ton for as long as you want the photo to dis­play for. You can add nar­ra­tion. 3

4You can also im­port photos from your de­vice. Tap Li­brary 1 and se­lect the pic­ture you want to in­clude. Hold down the red but­ton to add the im­age with or with­out nar­ra­tion. Tap Li­brary again to add an­other pic­ture. Tap Al­bums 2 to se­lect photos from else­where.

5The bar at the top gives you ac­cess to the Live Ti­tles, Fil­ters, Graphics and Text sec­tions. 1 Tap the first op­tion and you’ll be pre­sented with a se­lec­tion of styles for a Live Ti­tle 2 which can be su­per­im­posed over photos or videos with sound, or while record­ing live video.

6To use Live Ti­tles, se­lect the type of ti­tle you want. For live video, hold down the red but­ton and speak. The app will lis­ten to what you say and cap­tion things in near-real time. 1 We found it sur­pris­ingly ac­cu­rate at un­der­stand­ing what we said but if it gets some­thing wrong, you can re­take it and try again.

7You can add some graphics to your cre­ation. Tap the but­ton 1 and browse the avail­able op­tions. 2 Swip­ing left or right will switch be­tween text graphics and emoji. Se­lect an item and you’ll be able to po­si­tion it over a photo or video, and ro­tate and re­size it.

8If you want to add a sound­track, tap the mu­si­cal note at the top right and pick the au­dio you re­quire. This can be None, Sound­tracks or My Mu­sic. 1 If you’re choos­ing one of the sound­tracks, down­load it, then se­lect it and pre­view it in your movie. 2 The vol­ume will drop au­to­mat­i­cally when your movie has nar­ra­tion.

FIL­TERS This op­tion ap­plies a se­lec­tion of real-time fil­ters to your cre­ation, such as Noir, In­stant, Transfer, Fade, Comic Book and Chrome

Tap­ping the ar­row lets you ac­cess past cre­ations, cre­ate a new video or share your clip with other apps HID­DEN TRAY PLAY Pre­view a Clip by tap­ping the Play but­ton at the bot­tom left

DOWN­LOAD Se­lect a scene from your clip, then tap the down­load but­ton to save it to your cam­era roll

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