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You can use Youtube’s web­mas­ter tools to em­bed its stan­dard video player in your site but Wix Video’s re­sults are much more at­trac­tive, whether you up­load films direct to your site or link to ex­ist­ing Youtube videos

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If you don’t al­ready have a Wix site, cre­ate a new one but don’t choose the ADI op­tion be­cause the video tool can only be used with a stan­dard site. Click the Add but­ton 1 and choose the type of video to in­sert. You can drop in a Youtube or Vimeo video in a tra­di­tional-look­ing player 2 or use Wix’s lovely Strip 3 or Clas­sic lay­outs. 4


Choose one of Wix’s lay­outs and drag it to your site de­sign. Hover over it and click the Man­age Videos but­ton. You can up­load up to 15GB of video straight to Wix by drag­ging it to the win­dow 1 or link to videos al­ready hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or Face­book. 2 Even videos hosted else­where will be pre­sented in Wix’s at­trac­tive in­ter­face.


If you’re adding a video from an­other ser­vice, click the ‘Add to Li­brary’ but­ton. Here, you can cre­ate chan­nels, 1 which dis­play on dif­fer­ent sec­tions of your site; view stats 2 about how your videos are be­ing played; add more videos; 3 and even set pric­ing, 4 so you can charge peo­ple to watch your videos.

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