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Move your browser’s scroll­bar to the left

Scroll­bars are usu­ally on the right-hand side of your browser for the ben­e­fit of right-handed web users, but they don’t have to be. The Scroll­bar Any­where ex­ten­sion for Chrome ( lets you scroll pages from any point on your screen as if the scroll­bar was un­der your pointer. With the ex­ten­sion in­stalled, sim­ply click and hold the mouse but­ton you’ve se­lected for the pur­pose and move the mouse to scroll. Fire­fox has a hid­den op­tion that lets you move your scroll­bar from the right to the left side of the win­dow with­out hav­ing to in­stall any add-ons. Type about:con­fig into the ad­dress bar, press En­ter and click the ‘ I ac­cept the risk!’ but­ton. In the search box at the top, type lay­out.scroll­bar.side. Dou­ble-click the ‘lay­out. scroll­bar. side’ en­try that ap­pears be­low, and change the value from 0 to 3. Click OK to con­firm this and restart Fire­fox. If you want to move the scroll­bar back to the right, sim­ply re­verse the process.

Cus­tomise your phone for your left hand

If you have trou­ble us­ing your An­droid phone in your left hand, you can ac­ti­vate a hid­den right-to-left mode that flips ev­ery­thing on the screen, in­clud­ing the di­rec­tion you swipe. Be­fore you can use it, you must en­able De­vel­oper Op­tions. Go to Set­tings, About Phone and scroll down to the Build Num­ber. Tap this seven times, and you’ll see a mes­sage telling you that you’re now a de­vel­oper – con­grat­u­la­tions! Go back to the Set­tings screen and you should see a new ‘ De­vel­oper op­tions’ menu to­wards the bot­tom. Scroll down to the Draw­ing sec­tion and en­able the ‘ Force RTL lay­out di­rec­tion’ op­tion (you need to be run­ning at least An­droid 4.4 Kitkat to do this). An­droid will make the switch im­me­di­ately.

This right-to-left change also af­fects the stock apps that came pre-in­stalled on your phone, mak­ing them much eas­ier to use with your left hand. How­ever, third-party apps are likely to be­have as they did be­fore the change, so while this is a step in the right di­rec­tion, it isn’t a per­fect so­lu­tion.

In­stall left-handed mo­bile apps

There are lots of apps both for IOS and An­droid that make life a lit­tle bit eas­ier for left-handed phone and tablet users. Search­ing in the Ap­ple App Store or Google Play for ‘left handed’ will bring up nu­mer­ous sug­ges­tions (not all of them rel­e­vant, it must be said) in­clud­ing re­place­ment key­boards, cal­cu­la­tors, gui­tar tu­to­ri­als and tuners, games and many more. To save you hav­ing to sift through them all, Ap­pcrawlr has rounded up some of the best left­handed apps for IOS ( and An­droid (

An­droid users may be par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in Left Handed Auto Ro­tate Free (, which op­ti­mises your phone’s auto-ro­tate fea­ture specif­i­cally for left-handed use. By ad­just­ing au­toro­tate’s sen­si­tiv­ity, the app stops ar­ti­cles you’re read­ing sud­denly flip­ping from por­trait to land­scape ori­en­ta­tion.

Per­son­alise Win­dows 10 for left-handed use

It’s easy enough to op­er­ate Win­dows 10 left-handed if you have a touch screen, but less so if you use a key­board and mouse. Mi­crosoft’s sup­pos­edly state-ofthe-art op­er­at­ing sys­tem doesn’t of­fer many op­tions for im­prov­ing the sit­u­a­tion, but you can make a sim­ple change to your mouse. Click the Start but­ton fol­lowed by the Set­tings cog. In the menu that opens, click De­vices and choose Mouse in the left-hand pane. From here you can switch the pri­mary mouse but­ton from left to right, which means you can use the right but­ton for all your main point­ing, click­ing, high­light­ing and drag­ging-and­drop­ping ac­tiv­i­ties, and your left but­ton to open the con­text menu (which you can now call the left-click menu).

In older ver­sions of Win­dows, click Start, type mouse into the search box and click the Mouse op­tion. Click the But­tons tab, and from there you can swap the pri­mary and sec­ondary mouse but­tons.

If you use a dig­i­tal pen to per­form your point­ing and click­ing in Win­dows 10, you can make this more com­fort­able by let­ting the op­er­at­ing sys­tem know that you write with your left hand. In Set­tings, De­vices, click Pen & Win­dows Ink and, in the drop-down menu un­der ‘Choose which hand you write with’, se­lect Left Hand. Note that this op­tion is only avail­able if Win­dows knows you have a com­pat­i­ble pen.

Fi­nally, you can move the taskbar from the bot­tom of the screen to the left-hand side (or the right-hand side, if you pre­fer), which might make it eas­ier to reach, as well as free­ing up ver­ti­cal space on a widescreen mon­i­tor. Right-click the taskbar, untick ‘ Lock all taskbars’, then click and drag the taskbar and pull it up to the left side. Once it’s in place, you can lock it there.

Switch to a left-handed mouse cur­sor

Mi­crosoft pro­vides a wide se­lec­tion of cur­sor styles in Win­dows, but for some un­known rea­son it doesn’t of­fer a left-handed one with a cur­sor that points to the right. For­tu­nately, you can find suit­able cur­sor packs else­where, such as on De­viantart ( lhcur­sor430). To in­stall and use one of these, click the down­load but­ton and open the archive. It’s a RAR file, so you’ll need to use a pro­gram such as 7-Zip ( to open it. There are three types of cur­sor avail­able: reg­u­lar, large and ex­tra-large. Find the . INF file for the one you want, right-click it and se­lect In­stall. Once you’ve done that, go back into Mouse Prop­er­ties and you should be able to se­lect your new cur­sor there. If not, click Browse and the Cur­sors folder will open. Go into Win­dows Aero, Win­dows Aero Left Handed, then se­lect ‘aero_ ar­row.cur’ and click Open. ‘ Win­dows Aero Left Handed’ should now ap­pear as a scheme for you to se­lect.

This trick works in all ver­sions of Win­dows, but in Win­dows 10 you’ll need to click the ‘Ad­di­tional mouse op­tions’ link in Set­tings to make the change. You should find that you get used to the new cur­sors quite quickly, but if not, sim­ply se­lect one of the other styles to switch back.

Un­lock your phone’s right-to-left mode for more com­fort­able use

Move the scroll­bar in Fire­fox to the left-hand side of the browser

Make your phone auto-ro­tate to suit your left hand not your right

If you use a pen with Win­dows 10, tell it which hand you write with

In­stall left-handed mouse cur­sors that are tai­lored to south­paws

Switch your pri­mary mouse but­ton from left to right in Win­dows 10

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