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Dis­cover the lat­est fea­tures in Fire­fox

Chrome’s auto-fill set­tings mean you never need to worry about re­mem­ber­ing a pass­word for a web­site be­cause the browser stores and en­ters it for you as soon as you start typ­ing your user­name. But what if you can’t re­mem­ber your user­name? This even­tu­al­ity is ad­dressed by a new fea­ture in the lat­est ver­sion (v60) of the browser. Happy 60th, Chrome – you can now ap­ply for a free bus pass in some parts of the UK!

This wel­come improvement to auto-fill de­tects when you click the pass­word field and en­ters your user­name au­to­mat­i­cally. What’s more, on pages where Chrome usu­ally fails to de­tect the user­name (or email ad­dress) field, another new fea­ture – called the ‘user­name-field dis­cov­ery heuris­tic’ – will iden­tify the box that most closely re­sem­bles the pass­word field and auto-fill your user­name there.

To en­sure your auto-fill set­tings are turned on, go to Set­tings, open Ad­vanced set­tings and check the op­tions ‘Auto-fill set­tings’ and ‘Man­age pass­words’ un­der ‘Pass­words and forms’.

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