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Prac­ti­cal Paint 3D, the new Win­dows 10 art app from Mi­crosoft, has been up­dated with sev­eral new and im­proved tools. Here’s how to use them

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The lat­est tools in Paint 3D

Mi­crosoft is drop­ping its Paint pro­gram from fu­ture ver­sions of Win­dows, al­though you can still get it by down­load­ing it from the Win­dows Store. The rea­son given by the soft­ware gi­ant is that it wants to fo­cus on the newer Paint 3D. This app lets you cre­ate, load and ma­nip­u­late 3D mod­els, as well as paint and draw in 2D, just as you can in Paint. Paint 3D has been up­dated to in­clude Magic Se­lect, and new Line and Curve tools, so make sure you have the lat­est ver­sion of the soft­ware in­stalled. Type store in the Win­dows 10 search box and press En­ter. In the app that opens, click your ac­count pro­file pic­ture next to the search box, then ‘ Down­loads and up­dates’ and ‘Get up­dates’.


One of Paint 3D’s more im­pres­sive fea­tures is Magic Se­lect. This in­tel­li­gently draws around items in a photo so you can copy and paste them else­where – trans­port­ing your kids from the back gar­den to the Taj Ma­hal, for ex­am­ple. Drag a photo to Paint 3D 1 and click the ‘Magic se­lect’ but­ton. 2


Magic Se­lect needs to know what you want to cut out from your photo. To point it in the right di­rec­tion, fo­cus in on the ob­ject, then click and drag the han­dles 1 un­til the box closely sur­rounds the tar­get area. When that’s done, click Next 2 and Magic Se­lect will go to work.


If the ob­jects you’ve se­lected stand out from the back­ground, the tool should au­to­mat­i­cally se­lect them for you. How­ever, it may miss part of an ob­ject, such as the shoes in this ex­am­ple; 1 or in­clude part of the back­ground or another ob­ject that you don’t want.


To add any­thing that’s miss­ing from the se­lec­tion, click the Add but­ton 1 and draw a line in­side the area you want to in­clude (don’t try to draw around the miss­ing part). To get rid of un­wanted se­lec­tions, do the same with the Re­move but­ton. 2 You may need to make mul­ti­ple changes. Click Done. 3


You can re­size the se­lected ob­ject us­ing the han­dles at the cor­ners and sides, 1 and ma­nip­u­late it in 3D with the but­tons around the out­side of the box. 2 You can also cre­ate a sticker from the ob­ject 3 and cut, copy, paste, delete 4 or flip it. 5 The app will try to in­tel­li­gently fill in any miss­ing back­ground.


The scene you’ve cre­ated can be ma­nip­u­lated in 3D. Click the ‘View in 3D’ but­ton 1 in the zoom box. Zoom in and out with the slider, 2 and click and drag with the left mouse but­ton to change the 3D view. Click and drag with the right mouse but­ton to move the scene around.


The new Line and Curve tools are found un­der the Stick­ers tab. 1 Se­lect this and click the Shapes tab 2 in the side­bar on the right. You’ll see the Line and Curve op­tions at the top, 3 with a se­lec­tion of Shapes 4 be­low. Click a line style to draw some­thing on your can­vas.


Ma­nip­u­late the shape of the line by click­ing and drag­ging the var­i­ous points. 1 Use the han­dles in the sur­round­ing box 2 to re­size the line. The slid­ers and boxes in the side­bar let you change its colour, thick­ness and opac­ity. 3 To add the line to your can­vas, click the stamp but­ton. 4

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