Sam­sung TVS bricked by soft­ware up­date

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What hap­pened?

A soft­ware up­date has bro­ken Sam­sung TVS, leav­ing sets bought only weeks ago show­ing noth­ing but a blank screen. The fault hap­pened af­ter Sam­sung rolled out a soft­ware up­date on 17 Au­gust to spe­cific mod­els of its smart, we­b­con­nected TVS. A bug caused a small num­ber of tele­vi­sions to stop work­ing – Sam­sung has said fewer than 200 were af­fected.

The smart TVS aren’t the only hard­ware to suf­fer soft­ware is­sues. We­b­con­nected, app-op­er­ated door locks from Lock­state stopped work­ing af­ter a soft­ware up­date, break­ing one in 12 of the locks. And drone maker DJI said own­ers of its prod­ucts must in­stall a firmware up­date as soon as pos­si­ble or their fly­ing toys will stop work­ing, af­ter hack­ers found ways to med­dle with safety set­tings.

How will it af­fect you?

The soft­ware bug has left some TVS en­tirely bricked, un­able to turn on, while oth­ers are un­able to change chan­nel or vol­ume. If your TV was one of the few af­fected, call Sam­sung on 0330 726 7864 to get help. The fault is se­vere enough that it’ll prob­a­bly re­quire an engi­neer visit­ing your home or tak­ing your TV to a re­pair shop, be­cause the soft­ware so­lu­tion needs to be in­stalled by an “ap­proved Sam­sung engi­neer”. The fault af­fects the MU Se­ries of smart TVS, in par­tic­u­lar the MU6, MU7 and MU8 mod­els.

What do we think?

Web-con­nected TVS are cer­tainly handy, but los­ing the abil­ity to watch your favourite shows is likely to make any­one af­fected yearn for sim­pler times, when TV sets sim­ply worked. It doesn’t need to be this way: Sam­sung made an er­ror and needs to test fu­ture up­dates be­fore rolling them out. But as the Lock­state ex­am­ple shows, Sam­sung is not the only com­pany to trip up. Smart de­vices have their ben­e­fits, but it’s worth think­ing twice be­fore con­nect­ing ap­pli­ances — it’s one thing to make do with­out a tele­vi­sion, but not be­ing able to get into your own home is more se­ri­ous, so think be­fore you con­nect!

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