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Cre­ate a per­son­alised pro­file

When you join Net­flix, you’re guided through the process of set­ting up ac­counts for all the fam­ily mem­bers who will be us­ing the ser­vice. This al­lows up to five peo­ple to have their own per­son­alised Net­flix ex­pe­ri­ence with rel­e­vant view­ing sug­ges­tions and watched lists. You can add new pro­files at any time by go­ing to bit.ly/pro­file431 and click­ing the Add Pro­file but­ton. En­ter a name for the user, then edit the de­tails, choose a pro­file pic­ture and set the ma­tu­rity level for al­lowed TV pro­grammes and films – For Lit­tle Kids Only, For Older Kids and Be­low, For Teens and Be­low or All Ma­tu­rity Lev­els. These per­son­alised pro­files pre­vent young view­ers from be­ing ex­posed to any­thing that might up­set them, and means par­ents won’t get fed up with rec­om­men­da­tions for car­toons and Wet Hot Amer­i­can Sum­mer.

Down­load Net­flix con­tent to watch off­line

Net­flix is a stream­ing ser­vice, which means it re­quires an in­ter­net con­nec­tion to de­liver its con­tent. How­ever, if you’re trav­el­ling or stuck in the wilds – Peter­bor­ough, say – you can still en­joy your favourite TV shows and films by down­load­ing them in ad­vance to watch off­line. To use this rel­a­tively new fea­ture, you need to have the Net­flix app in­stalled on an iphone or ipad, An­droid phone or tablet, or Win­dows 10 PC or tablet run­ning the An­niver­sary Up­date or later. To down­load some­thing, select the ti­tle you want to watch and click the Down­load icon on its de­scrip­tion page. You can choose the video qual­ity you re­quire, to en­sure you stay within your data and stor­age lim­its.

Not all Net­flix con­tent is avail­able to down­load – at least, not yet. If you want to see only the shows and movies that can be down­loaded, tap the three-line menu but­ton in the app and select ‘Avail­able for down­load’.

Save down­loads to your SD card

Some phones have limited in­ter­nal stor­age – cer­tainly not big enough to store down­loaded Net­flix shows along­side the usual plethora of apps, pho­tos, videos and songs. The good news is that if your phone sup­ports SD cards (as many An­droid de­vices do), you can down­load your Net­flix con­tent to one and swap cards if you need to store more shows. The process is very straight­for­ward: just opt to down­load some­thing and you’ll be prompted to select a save lo­ca­tion – choose ‘ SD card’ in the op­tions.

Mas­ter Net­flix’s key­board short­cuts

Net­flix has sev­eral use­ful key­board short­cuts that pro­vide in­stant con­trol and save un­nec­es­sary click­ing when you’re watch­ing con­tent on your PC. Here are some of our favourites:

Try new fea­tures be­fore ev­ery­one else

Net­flix oc­ca­sion­ally tests forth­com­ing fea­tures to get user feed­back be­fore they’re of­fi­cially in­tro­duced. If you want to be first in line to ex­pe­ri­ence these, open your ac­count page at bit.ly/ my­ac­count431 and click the ‘ Test par­tic­i­pa­tion’ link, then make sure the op­tion is set to On. It’s worth not­ing that while some test fea­tures are gen­uinely use­ful in­ter­face tweaks, some in­volve movie pre­views that are merely advertising by an­other name. If you don’t want to take part in the tests,

move the tog­gle to Off. Click the Done but­ton to ap­ply the change.

Pause and re­sume your Net­flix ac­count

Net­flix is a sub­scrip­tion ser­vice, which means you have to pay from £5.99 ev­ery month to keep view­ing its con­tent. How­ever, if you need to take a break from Net­flix – per­haps you’re go­ing to be away trav­el­ling, for ex­am­ple – it’s easy to can­cel your ac­count and then restart it when you’re ready. Net­flix stores your view­ing ac­tiv­ity for 10 months af­ter you close your ac­count, so when you restart your sub­scrip­tion you can pick up from ex­actly where you left off, rather than hav­ing to cre­ate a new ac­count. To pause your mem­ber­ship, just go to the Ac­count page at bit.ly/yourac­count431 and click the Can­cel Mem­ber­ship but­ton. When you next visit Net­flix, you’ll be asked if you want to restart your mem­ber­ship.

Wipe your Net­flix view­ing his­tory

If you’d rather not let the peo­ple you share Net­flix with find out you se­cretly watch Adam San­dler movies when they’re not around, or you don’t want rec­om­men­da­tions based on that one episode of Pretty Lit­tle Liars you watched out of cu­rios­ity, you’ll be de­lighted to hear that Net­flix lets you re­view your view­ing his­tory and delete any­thing un­wanted from it. Just go to the My Ac­tiv­ity page at bit.ly/ac­tiv­ity431 and click the X next to an item to re­move it. You can also check the view­ing his­tory of other fam­ily mem­bers in this way – you just need to log into their pro­files first.

Skip the cred­its when binge­watch­ing

When plough­ing through episodes of the lat­est hit se­ries, it’s a pain to have to re­peat­edly sit through the open­ing and end cred­its – un­less you’re us­ing this time to go to the toi­let, fetch snacks or make a drink. Net­flix will iden­tify when you’ve watched sev­eral episodes of a show and take you from the end of one straight to the be­gin­ning of the next, but with the op­tion to view the cred­its if you wish. It also gives you the chance to skip the ti­tles at the be­gin­ning. Once they start, you’ll see a Skip In­tro but­ton ap­pear on screen. You can select this to jump ahead to the ac­tion but do bear in mind that a lot of peo­ple worked very hard to cre­ate the show you’re binge­watch­ing, so you owe it to them to sit through the cred­its at least once!

Test your Net­flix stream­ing speed

You don’t need a blis­ter­ingly fast in­ter­net con­nec­tion to stream video on Net­flix. Mod­ern com­pres­sion tech­niques mean that even a mod­er­ate con­nec­tion should be able to han­dle UHD 4K stream­ing with ease. If you do en­counter prob­lems, how­ever, and stop­ping large down­loads and other band­width-hog­ging ac­tiv­i­ties doesn’t im­prove mat­ters, it may be worth check­ing the speed of your con­nec­tion. Net­flix has its own tool called Fast ( fast.com) for this very task. Go to the site and it will im­me­di­ately check the speed of your con­nec­tion - you don’t need to select any servers or press any but­tons, and you can re­run the test at any time. Fast is re­ally only about check­ing your con­nec­tion’s suit­abil­ity for stream­ing Net­flix con­tent so un­like sim­i­lar ser­vices, it doesn’t mea­sure up­load speed, ping, la­tency or jit­ter.

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Set up per­son­alised pro­files for ev­ery­one who shares your Net­flix ac­count

Use a key­board short­cut to open Net­flix’s se­cret con­trol panel

You can delete em­bar­rass­ing en­tries from your Net­flix view­ing his­tory

Check that your con­nec­tion is suit­able for stream­ing Net­flix con­tent

Don’t let Tv-show cred­its slow down your binge-watch­ing - skip them!

Net­flix lets you restart a can­celled ac­count if you change your mind

Beat the crowd by test­ing ex­per­i­men­tal Net­flix fea­tures first

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