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Ellp is billed as a ri­val to IFTTT (If This Then That,, but it of­fers bet­ter Win­dows in­te­gra­tion and lets you quickly automate a num­ber of ev­ery­day tasks via its grow­ing se­lec­tion of ready-made ‘cards’ (37 at the time of writ­ing). Th­ese per­form ac­tions such as clean­ing up files you’ve ac­ci­den­tally down­loaded twice; dis­play­ing a warn­ing if your email ad­dress is in­volved in a data breach; open­ing a Youtube playlist when you plug in your head­phones; and free­ing up space when your hard drive is al­most full. You can choose the tasks you want to use (they are sorted into cat­e­gories), and edit them to suit your needs.

Ellp is cur­rently still in beta but we found it to be sta­ble and prob­lem-free.

1The first time you run Ellp, you’ll be prompted to en­ter your name or nick­name, al­though you can skip this step if you wish. You’ll also be given the op­tion to get early ac­cess to fu­ture Ellp cards by en­ter­ing your email ad­dress. The pro­gram then loads a se­lec­tion of pop­u­lar cards. 1

2The bar at the top lets you view the new­est ad­di­tions 1 or ex­plore the cards by cat­e­gory. 2 The choices on of­fer are All, Pro­duc­tiv­ity, Per­for­mance, Se­cu­rity and En­ter­tain­ment. 3 Browse the se­lec­tion of cards un­til you find one that sounds in­ter­est­ing, then click it to find out more.

3Each card of­fers a state­ment, with the ac­tion to per­form in bold. For ex­am­ple, ‘When my Re­cy­cle Bin is fill­ing up, keep it clean.’ You will of­ten have the op­tion to edit a se­lected task, such as spec­i­fy­ing how old items in the bin need to be. 1 Click Ac­ti­vate Card 2 to ac­tion the task.

4The side­bar on the right pro­vides handy in­for­ma­tion and tips, such as the num­ber of other peo­ple us­ing a par­tic­u­lar card. A con­grat­u­la­tions mes­sage ap­pears when you ac­ti­vate your first task and it sug­gests cards that other peo­ple use. 1 Edit the task or de­ac­ti­vate it by click­ing Turn Off Card. 2

5Ellp has lots of Pc-spe­cific op­tions. Un­der Pro­duc­tiv­ity, there are cards that can be used to or­gan­ise a crowded Desk­top, 1 re­mind you when it’s time to take a break, 2 and launch your favourite ap­pli­ca­tion when Win­dows starts. 3 If you use a lap­top, Ellp can alert you when a new Wi-fi net­work is de­tected.

6The Se­cu­rity sec­tion has cards that tell you when your email has been in­volved in a se­cu­rity breach, 1 so you’re prompted to change your pass­word on the af­fected site. You can add mul­ti­ple email ad­dresses. You can also have the soft­ware per­form a pri­vacy clean-up 2 at spe­cific times of the day.

7The En­ter­tain­ment sec­tion of­fers cards that mute play­ing sound when you un­plug your head­phones; 1 open the Youtube web­site when you plug them in; 2 or alert you when the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion passes over­head. 3 Down­loaded movies 4 or mu­sic 5 can be moved to pre­ferred fold­ers.

8Ellp can also change your Desk­top wall­pa­per when­ever a spec­i­fied site (such as Red­dit Earth, NASA Im­age of the Day or Bing) posts a new im­age, 1 and down­load photos from Face­book that you’ve been tagged in. 2 If you like to leave your PC on overnight, Ellp can mute the sound when it’s time for bed.

MY CARDS All the cards you’ve ac­ti­vated can be viewed here for easy ac­cess LIGHT A yel­low light ap­pears un­der­neath any ac­tive cards, so you can see at a glance which ones are in use COLOUR COD­ING The cards are all colour coded – Pro­duc­tiv­ity is blue, Per­for­mance is red, Se­cu­rity is or­ange and En­ter­tain­ment is pur­ple SET­TINGS COG Click the cog to en­ter a name or nick­name, and add an email ad­dress

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