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Wh What we liked: Ivi­ivideon uses a server and client sys­tem. You in­stall the server soft­ware on a PC that ei­ther al­ready has a cam­era con­nected or is able to ac­cess one over your home network. This PC has to be switched on for the sur­veil­lance soft­ware to operate. You then in­stall client soft­ware on the other com­put­ers (there are apps for mo­bile de­vices) to ac­cess the live streams and any footage saved by your server.

The sys­tem works re­ally well if you al­ready have a we­b­cam built into a lap­top that you’re plan­ning to use as the server. In­stall the soft­ware on it, leave the lap­top switched on and the we­b­cam will mon­i­tor all move­ment that goes on around it. It’s very easy to con­nect another cam­era, whether it’s a we­b­cam at­tached to another de­vice or a more so­phis­ti­cated stand­alone network se­cu­rity cam­era, as long as it hasn’t been locked to a par­tic­u­lar ser­vice by its man­u­fac­turer.

The soft­ware is free for up to two cam­eras, ac­ces­si­ble from two other de­vices, and in­cludes the option to store cam­era footage on Ivideon’s cloud ser­vice for 24 hours. If you don’t need re­mote ac­cess, you can in­stall more cam­eras for free – oth­er­wise it costs $4 per month (around £3) per cam­era to add more.

The server up­loads data from your PC to Ivideon’s web­site, so it’s very straight­for­ward to set up be­cause you don’t need to get em­broiled in port for­ward­ing to by­pass your router’s se­cu­rity. This means there’s a slight de­lay on live video streams, but it’s only a sec­ond or two.

How it can be im­proved: The lim­its on the num­ber of cam­eras you can use and the amount of footage you can store on­line – as well as the length of time it’s avail­able for – are too re­stric­tive. Monthly and an­nual prices are charged on a per-cam­era ba­sis so the costs will ramp up if you want to ex­pand your sys­tem.

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