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Even the most ba­sic PC mouse should come with a wheel be­tween the click­able left and right pan­els. Most of­ten, it’s used for scrolling, but it can also dou­ble as a third but­ton. Depend­ing on the pro­gram you’re us­ing, this can pro­vide a quick way of per­form­ing an ad­di­tional ac­tion.

The func­tion of the mid­dle but­ton varies from one ap­pli­ca­tion to the next – the best way to find out what it does is to ex­per­i­ment. For ex­am­ple, in Win­dows, you can mid­dle-click taskbar but­tons to open a new win­dow. This is handy if you have one Ex­plorer win­dow open and want to move files to another one.

You can mid­dle-click Chrome, Edge and other taskbar but­tons to open new browser win­dows, too. When you’re ready to close a win­dow, hover over its but­ton on the taskbar. When the thumb­nails ap­pear, hover over the one you want to close and mid­dle-click it.

Most mice have a wheel be­tween the left and right but­tons, which of­ten dou­bles as a third but­ton

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