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If you have a lap­top with a touch­pad and no but­tons, it will re­spond to one, two and pos­si­bly three- and fourfin­ger taps. Tap with one fin­ger to sim­u­late click­ing the left mouse but­ton and tap with two to pro­duce

the same ef­fect as a mouse’s right-click. Push­ing up or down the touch­pad with two fin­gers is like spin­ning the wheel on a mouse, which is use­ful for scrolling through web pages and doc­u­ments. Slide two fin­gers left and right for hor­i­zon­tal scrolling.

These are the stan­dard ges­tures and your com­puter’s touch­pad may al­low more, depend­ing on its make and model. A three-fin­ger tap can open the Cor­tana/search box in Win­dows 10, while a four-fin­ger tap might launch the Ac­tion Cen­tre. Open the Con­trol Panel, switch to the small icons view and see if you can find any­thing re­lated to the touch­pad, such as Sy­nap­tics Click­pad. Open it to see demon­stra­tions of the pos­si­ble touches and taps, and to en­able or dis­able ges­tures.

Check the touch­pad’s taps and swipes for mid­dle- click and other ges­tures

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