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Here we go again. Ap­ple is about to re­lease yet another up­grade to the iphone – to howls of de­light from slaver­ing fan­boys and in­dif­fer­ent yawns from any­one who has a lick of sense.

Every year, Ap­ple comes up with a cou­ple of mi­nor tweaks – a slightly larger screen, a slightly bet­ter cam­era – and re­moves some­thing that peo­ple found use­ful, such as the head­phone jack or Home but­ton. It then uses these “ground­break­ing” im­prove­ments to jus­tify whack­ing up the price of its al­ready ridicu­lously ex­pen­sive phone even fur­ther. This year, Ap­ple ob­vi­ously thought it might as well round up the price to a nice even grand (well, £999 – so not far off) and then sit back and watch the or­ders flood in.

Sadly, this is ex­actly what will hap­pen be­cause there are plenty of fools out there who will eagerly part with their money just to have what they be­lieve to be the lat­est cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy. But who ex­actly are they try­ing to im­press? Each other? Their work col­leagues who have lesser but per­fectly use­able phones, for which they paid a fifth of the price? Peo­ple who could put £1,000 to much bet­ter use than pur­chas­ing a flashy gad­get, such as spend­ing it on food, clothes and heat­ing?

Of course, it’s com­pletely up to the in­di­vid­u­als if they want to waste their money on an iphone X. I just won­der if they re­ally, truly be­lieve it’s worth the in­vest­ment? After all, this time next year, Ap­ple will bring out the iphone XI, or 11, for £1,100, and the cur­rent phone will be ren­dered out of date and un­fash­ion­able. Why bother?

Per­son­ally, I’ll stick with my Moto G4, which may not be top of the range but serves me per­fectly well for brows­ing, stream­ing and – oh yes – mak­ing phone calls. Joel Ni­cholls, via email

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