Be­ing a south­paw isn’t a choice

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Hear, hear, Ge­orge (In­box, Is­sue 432). There’s cer­tainly nowt wrong with be­ing a ‘cuddy wifter’ when it comes to us­ing com­put­ers, and as a life­long lefty I’ve never had any prob­lems with my key­board and mouse, al­though of course I’ve changed the lat­ter to left-handed set­tings. I also dis­agree with your Star Email writer about the term ‘south­paw’ be­ing deroga­tory and of­fen­sive. I’ve al­ways found it quite en­dear­ing. I be­lieve the word comes from base­ball, re­fer­ring to a left-handed pitcher or bat­ter. I’ve heard worse names for us left­ies, such as ‘mol­lie dooker’, ‘spuddy handed’ and ‘gib­ble fisted’, but tend to treat them with amuse­ment rather than out­rage.

Be­ing left-handed isn’t a choice, after all. It’s as ge­netic as be­ing red-haired or short-sighted, so any­one who uses it as a rea­son to mock you is an id­iot and not worth speak­ing to! Keith Rea­son, via email

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