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Be­fore browser tabs, we had too many win­dows open; now, we have one win­dow with too many tabs open. Andy Shaw finds out the best way to man­age your tabs – to free up re­sources and book­mark your favourites

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Op­ti­mise and or­gan­ise your browser win­dow

Wh What we liked: Ononetab claims that it can re­duce the amount of mem­ory your browser uses by up to 95%. That es­sen­tially de­pends on ho­how many tabs you’ve got open, but if you’re the tab-happy type, we can eas­ily imag­ine how this ef­fi­cient add-on might be able to hit such an im­pres­sive tar­get.

Onetab ini­tially looks like a bit of a one-trick pony. Click its icon and all your tabs are con­densed into a sin­gle list on a sin­gle tab. You can click each item in the list to re­store it or click the ‘ Re­store all’ link to re­open them all. If you have a lot of tabs on the list, this might take a few sec­onds, but it’s still a rel­a­tively quick process.

So far, so use­ful – but if you right-click the add-on’s but­ton, you get even more con­trol from a menu that of­fers a va­ri­ety of op­tions for fine-tun­ing which tabs get col­lapsed when you click the Onetab icon, such as whether pinned tabs are ex­empted.

The sin­gle tab you’re left with after click­ing the Onetab but­ton is ba­si­cally a web page, so you can click a link to pub­lish it on­line for shar­ing. The page is given its own space on Onetab’s servers, so you can send the link to oth­ers or book­mark it to save for later.

We loved the sim­plic­ity of Onetab. There’s no need to set up an ac­count or fid­dle with a com­pli­cated in­ter­face. In­stead, you get a sim­ple tool that frees up re­sources and can be used to save tabs for fu­ture pe­rusal.

How it can be im­proved: For some rea­son, the ver­sion of the list that you can save and share with oth­ers doesn’t have a link to open all the tabs at once, so you have to open each one in­di­vid­u­ally. If it’s a long list, this will take a lot of clicks.

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