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1. Which TV se­ries was a spin-off of Z Cars?

A Softly, Softly B The Bill C Mid­lands Beat D M Cars

2. Which ac­tress loses her head in the grisly crime thriller Seven?

A Kim Basinger B Jen­nifer Con­nolly C Gwyneth Pal­trow D Cameron Diaz

3. What is the name for in­fi­nite den­sity at the cen­tre of a black hole?

A Mul­ti­plic­ity B Divin­ity C Sin­gu­lar­ity D In­fi­nite Mass

4. Of which crea­ture is Psit­ta­cus eritha­cus the talk­a­tive va­ri­ety?

A Ca­nary B Mag­pie C Black­bird D Par­rot

5. Which English artist was best known for his il­lus­tra­tions for Lewis Car­roll’s Alice books?

A Sir John Ten­nyson B Sir John Thomp­son C Sir John Ten­niel D Sir John Tris­tram

6. Which Bri­tish Pre-Raphaelite artist painted Christ in the House of his Par­ents?

A Sir John Everett Mil­lais B Sir James Everett Mil­ton C Sir Jim Earnest McDon­ald D Sir John Mathew Oakes

7. Whose as­sas­si­na­tion sparked the Great War?

A The Kaiser B The Pope C Arch­duke Franz Fer­di­nand D The King of Hol­land

8. Who wrote Nostromo and Heart of Dark­ness?

A Wil­liam Thack­eray B An­thony Trol­lope C Ge­orge Mered­ith D Joseph Con­rad

9. What name was given to bars that il­le­gally sold al­co­hol dur­ing the Pro­hi­bi­tion?

A Talkies B Dis­tillers C Speakeasies D Open Taps

10. To which fam­ily of birds do ca­naries and siskins be­long?

A Tits B Rooks C Par­rots D Finches

11. Which for­mer gate­way to the City of Lon­don has been phys­i­cally re­lo­cated to Pater­nos­ter Square, close to St Paul’s Cathe­dral?

A Menin Bar B Queens Bar C Righton Bar D Tem­ple Bar

12. Which Bri­tish poet and artist wrote the poem Jerusalem?

A Robert Burns B Wil­liam Blake C Wil­liam Wordsworth D Sa­muel Tay­lor Co­leridge

13. What name is given to a plant that grows on an­other plant for sup­port in a non-par­a­sitic way?

A Ph­lytite B Mytite C Epi­phyte D Os­sosyte

14. Which Ger­man com­poser who as­sisted Wag­ner with Par­si­fal is best known for the opera Hansel und Gre­tel?

A Wolf­gang Humperdinck B En­gel­bert Humperdinck C Claus Humperdinck D Karl-Frei­drichs Humperdinck

15. What is the ti­tle of the new Sky At­lantic com­edy drama star­ring Chris O’Dowd as thug and wannabee film pro­ducer Miles Daly?

A Get Shorty B Amer­i­can Van­dal C Pa­trick Mel­rose D Tin Star

Ac­tor Chris O’Dowd See Ques­tion 15

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