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1. What is the SI sym­bol of the el­e­ment sodium?


2. Which mis­chievous fairy also called Robin Good­fel­low ap­pears in Shake­speare’s A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream?

A Dog­berry B Ariel C Pros­pero D Puck

3. Who was ap­pointed Angli­can Arch­bishop of Cape Town in 1986?

A Des­mond Tutu B Roger Tutu C Ho­race Tutu D Leonard Tutu

4. Who wrote I Claudius and Claudius the God?

A Joshua Po­dro B TE Lawrence C Robert Graves D Al­lan Sil­li­toe

5. Who hosted the live BBC 1 sports chat show On Side?

A Barry Fry B Des­mond Ly­nam C John In­verdale D Gary Lineker

6. Sa­man­tha Morton and Jes­sica Brown Findlay are among the stars of which 18th-cen­tury drama se­ries?

A Clarissa B The Duchess C Aris­to­crats D Har­lots

7. Who played Bob in the clas­sic com­edy se­ries The Likely Lads?

A Ray­mond Brew­ster B Richard Bowles C Roger Black D Rod­ney Bewes

8. Which com­edy team had a 1956 Top Ten hit with I’m Walk­ing Back­wards for Christ­mas?

A Monty Python B The Geeks C The Two Ron­nies D The Goons

9. Who was the In­dian boy in Ki­pling’s Jun­gle Books?

A Tonto B Baloo C Shere Kahn D Mowgli

10. Which Aus­trian-born Is­raeli philoso­pher wrote the in­flu­en­tial work I-Thou?

A Martin Bu­ber B Im­manuel Kant C Ed­ward Bou­verie Pusey D Karl Marx

11. What is the 4th con­stel­la­tion of the Zo­diac?

A Leo B Pisces C Libra D Can­cer

12. Which coun­try is also known as Eire?

A North­ern Ire­land B Scot­land C The Re­pub­lic of Ire­land D Wales

13. In which year was the clas­sic Western High Noon, star­ring Gary Cooper, re­leased?

A 1962 B 1952 C 1939 D 1948

14. Which au­thor wrote the novel Man­hat­tan Trans­fer and the tril­ogy USA?

A An­thony Burgess B Mervyn Peake C John Dos Pas­sos D Chinua Achebe

15. Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble who bap­tised Je­sus?

A Mark the Bap­tist B Luke the Bap­tist C Mathew the Bap­tist D John the Bap­tist

Jes­sica Brown Findlay See Ques­tion 6.

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