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If you want the faster cross-coun­try weapon, the S5 is the daddy. But these aren’t out-and-out sports cars, they’re mile-munch­ing GTS, and the S5’s prob­lem is that you can’t turn it down.

The Stinger is never any­thing other than mes­meris­ingly fast, but soften its driv­ing modes and it be­comes an ac­com­plished long-dis­tance cruiser, too. And de­spite be­ing slower point to point, those look­ing for thrills will nd it more fun.

The nal blow is that the Stinger rep­re­sents such good value with all its stan­dard equip­ment.we said at the start that hold­ing its own against the S5 would be a ne result for the Stinger. But, in fact, it’s rather bet­ter than that.

Kia Stinger GT S

For Per­for­mance; en­ter­tain­ing han­dling; com­fort­able ride; lots of equip­ment; price Against Thirstier en­gine; not as prac­ti­cal; less premium in­te­rior Audi S5 Sport­back For Awe­some grip; quicker off the line; in­te­rior qual­ity; in­fo­tain­ment; big­ger boot Against Choppy ride; more ex­pen­sive; less well equipped; pricey com­pany car tax



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