Sys­tem match­ing

Sys­tem match­ing isn’t an ex­act sci­ence, so bear th­ese points in mind…

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Tonal Bal­ance

Elec­tri­cal com­pat­i­bil­ity



Don’t part­ner bright-sound­ing prod­ucts or warm, rich­sound­ing com­po­nents ei­ther. You’ll get a mushy, sonic soup and no one wants that. Find hi-fi sep­a­rates that com­ple­ment each other and en­hance the over­all per­for­mance. A gen­eral rule is that most CD play­ers are com­pat­i­ble with most am­pli­fiers, and most am­pli­fiers can drive most speak­ers. Still, care with part­ner­ing will give more op­ti­mal re­sults. Think of hi-fi sep­a­rates as row­ers pulling in the same di­rec­tion. De­tail, dy­nam­ics and tim­ing should be han­dled in a way that doesn’t im­pair them. A speaker with good tim­ing will fal­ter if your CD player isn’t as good in this re­spect. While it’s tempt­ing to use the free, sup­plied cables, don’t. They’ll get you go­ing, but you’ll al­most cer­tainly get bet­ter per­for­mance from ded­i­cated spe­cial­ist cables. As al­ways, trust your ears – they’re the best tools for fig­ur­ing out what you want.

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