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Marantz PM6005 £300

May 2014 The PM6005 is a mul­ti­ple Award-win­ner for good rea­son. Nicely made, well fea­tured and with re­fine­ment and in­sight few ri­vals can match. Power 45W In­puts 5 line-in, MM Out­puts 2 x speaker, head­phone

Onkyo A-9010 £200

Best stereo am­pli­fier un­der £300, Awards 2015 Our favourite bud­get am­pli­fier, this is ar­guably the most en­ter­tain­ing af­ford­able amp around. It has agility and a wicked sense of rhythm. Power 44W In­puts 5 line-in, MM Out­puts speaker, head­phone

Ar­cam FMJ A19 £600

May 2016 Ar­cam’s en­try-level am­pli­fier is a ter­rific com­bi­na­tion of sen­si­ble fea­tures, fine build and en­ter­tain­ing sound. Power 50W In­puts 6 line-in, MM Out­puts Speaker, head­phone, preamp

Cam­bridge Au­dio CXA60 £500

Best stereo am­pli­fier £300-£700, Awards 2015 This is a lively per­former with ex­pres­sive dy­nam­ics and a sure­footed sense of rhythm. Build qual­ity is im­pres­sive. Power 60W In­puts 4 line-in Out­puts Preamp, 2 x speaker, head­phone

Naim Nait 5si £925

Jan­uary 2015 Naim’s starter amp is an ex­cep­tion­ally pol­ished per­former which com­bines drama with the in­sight and sub­tlety to match the very best. Power 60W In­puts 3 line-in Out­puts speaker, head­phone

Rega Elex-r £900

Best stereo am­pli­fier £700-£1000, Awards 2015 Ar­guably the best-value amp Rega makes, with in­sight and the pre­cise han­dling of rhythms that’s hard to bet­ter even at dou­ble the price. Power 72W In­puts 4 line-in, MM Out­puts Speaker, preamp

Naim Su­per­nait 2 £2750

De­cem­ber 2013 A ter­rific in­te­grated am­pli­fier. It’s punchy, with a low-fre­quency per­for­mance that brims with au­thor­ity. Dy­nam­ics are strong too. Power 80W In­puts 5 line-in Out­puts Speaker, head­phone, preamp

Rega Elicit-r £1600

Best stereo am­pli­fier £1000+, Awards 2015 Rega’s top in­te­grated builds on the qual­i­ties of its smaller brother, the Elex-r. We haven’t heard a more pre­cise am­pli­fier for the money. Power 105W In­puts 5 line-in, MM Out­puts preamp, speaker

Rok­san Caspian M2 £1900

Oc­to­ber 2013 A supremely rounded prod­uct with solid build, classy aes­thet­ics and a bril­liant all-round sound that works well with all types of mu­sic. Power 85W In­puts 5 line-in Out­puts Speaker, preamp

Rok­san K3£1250

Fe­bru­ary 2015 This lively ef­fort from Rok­san de­liv­ers a sound that’s big, ex­pres­sive and ag­ile. It even per­forms ca­pa­bly on a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion. Power 150W In­puts 5 line, MM, B’tooth Out­puts Spkr, preamp, h’phone

Burmester 032 £12,380

June 2015 An ex­pen­sive prod­uct but feels it too. Plug the 032 into a sys­tem and it sounds lovely: top-class lev­els of res­o­lu­tion, au­thor­ity and dy­nam­ics. Power 105W In­puts 5 line-in, MM, MC Out­puts Speaker, ’phone, preamp

Dan D’agostino Mo­men­tum in­te­grated £42,000

Novem­ber 2015 Get past the cost of the Dan D’agostino In­te­grated and you’ll find a star­tlingly ca­pable prod­uct – one of the finest am­pli­fiers on the planet. Power 200W In­puts 6 line-in Out­puts Speaker, head­phone

Gamut D3i £6150

Jan­uary 2015 This Gamut D3i is a bril­liant per­former with ex­cel­lent de­tail and su­perb trans­parency. It isn’t packed with in­puts, but will cope with most set-ups. In­puts 3 line-in Out­put Bal­anced, sin­gle-ended DAC No

Town­shend Al­le­gri £1895

Au­gust 2012 The Al­le­gri a pas­sive unit with six in­puts and two out­puts, but the real at­trac­tion is a won­der­fully trans­par­ent sound that brims with in­sight. In­puts 6 line-in, MC Out­put Sin­gle-ended DAC No

Aes­thetix Janus Sig­na­ture£10,000

April 2015 This cut­ting-edge valve-pow­ered preamp is re­mark­ably re­fined but pre­serves all the en­ergy and power in the mu­sic. Ex­pen­sive, but lovely. In­puts 5 line-in, MM, MC Out­puts Bal­anced, sin­gle-ended DAC No

Burmester 808 MK5 £22,242

Fe­bru­ary 2013 Burmester’s mas­ter­piece may be decades old but a string of up­grades have kept it rel­e­vant. Sound qual­ity re­mains ex­cep­tional. In­puts line-in, MM, MC (opt) Out­puts Bal­anced, sin­gle-ended DAC No

Mark Levin­son 326S £9300

July 2015 This classy unit has a re­fined pre­sen­ta­tion and a spellbinding sense of con­trol. Con­struc­tion qual­ity is deeply im­pres­sive. In­puts 7 line-in Out­put Bal­anced, sin­gle-ended DAC No

Cyrus Mono X300 Sig­na­ture £2750

Oc­to­ber 2013 Don’t let the Cyrus’s com­pact case­work fool you. This pow­er­house de­liv­ers high vol­ume lev­els with a pleas­ing dy­namic punch. Power out­put 225W Mono/stereo Mono In­puts Phono, XLR

Gamut D200i £8500

Jan­uary 2015 The D200i com­bines trans­parency, mus­cle and agility bet­ter than any al­ter­na­tive we’ve heard. Build and fin­ish are ex­cel­lent. Power out­put 220W Mono/stereo Stereo In­puts Phono, XLR

At­las Stereo Sig­na­ture £10,000

April 2015 This At­las comes close to be­ing all things to all lis­ten­ers. It has loads of grunt, yet there’s a gen­tle side too with del­i­cacy and ex­cep­tional in­sight. Power out­put 200W Mono/stereo Stereo In­puts 2 x Phono, 2 x XLR

Burmester 911 Mk3 £32,800

Au­gust 2012 The 911 is a real pow­er­house, ca­pable of de­liv­er­ing high power into dif­fi­cult speak­ers with­out strug­gling. Re­fine­ment is top class, as is build. Power out­put 535W Mono/stereo Stereo In­puts XLR

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