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Blue­sound Node 2 £435

Novem­ber 2015 Look­ing for a non-am­pli­fied streamer to hook up to your ex­ist­ing hi-fi? The Node is back, and bet­ter, with im­proved de­sign and con­nec­tiv­ity. DLNA Yes In­puts Toslink, 3.5mm Stor­age No

Google Chrome­cast Au­dio £30

Jan­uary 2016 Google turns its ex­per­tise to au­dio stream­ing to bring mu­sic from any Cast-com­pat­i­ble app to your amps and speak­ers. And for only £30. DLNA Yes In­puts RCA, 3.5mm, op­ti­cal Stor­age No

Cam­bridge Au­dio CXN £700

Best streamer £500-£1000, Awards 2015 Build­ing on the success of Cam­bridge’s Award-win­ning Stream Magic 6 v2, the CXN fea­tures an all-new de­sign and im­proved sound. DLNA Yes In­puts op­ti­cal, coax­ial, 3 x USB Stor­age No

Pi­o­neer N-50A £500

Best streamer £500-£100, Awards 2015 The im­pres­sive N-50A of­fers an in­sight­ful per­for­mance, and can pluck mu­sic over DLNA and In­ter­net ra­dio or via a hoard of in­puts. DLNA Yes In­puts op­ti­cal, coax­ial, USB Stor­age No

Cam­bridge Au­dio Azur 851N £1200

March 2016 A ster­ling streamer that boasts ex­cel­lent file sup­port, plenty of con­nec­tions and a sound that’s both ex­pres­sive and dy­namic. DLNA Yes In­puts 2 x op­ti­cal, 2 x coax­ial, 3 x USB, eth­er­net Stor­age No

Cyrus Stream Xa £1250

Best streamer £1000-£1500, Awards 2015 The two-time Award-win­ning Xa is a corker. Its half-width de­sign won’t be ev­ery­one’s cup of tea, but its truly en­tranc­ing sound surely will. DLNA Yes In­puts 2 x op­ti­cal, 3 x coax­ial, USB Stor­age No

Cyrus Stream XP2-QX £2010

Awards 2012 An all-in-one mu­sic streamer that serves up an en­er­getic, en­thu­si­as­tic and im­mer­sive per­for­mance. Wor­thy of the size­able ask­ing price. DLNA Yes In­puts 2 x op­ti­cal, 3 x coax­ial, USB Stor­age No

Naim ND5 XS £2245

Best streamer £1500+, Awards 2015 A for­ward-think­ing de­sign from an es­tab­lished hi-fi com­pany. A bril­liant sonic per­for­mance and a must-have if you’re aœer a do-it-all streamer. DLNA Yes In­puts USB, coax­ial, op­ti­cal Stor­age No

Burmester Mu­s­ic­cen­ter 151 £12,500

Au­gust 2015 This multi-tal­ented ma­chine is a streamer, server, CD player and rip­per, all wrapped in one su­perbly made chrome-laden box. DLNA Yes In­puts op­ti­cal, coax­ial, USB Stor­age 4TB

Naim NDS/555PS £12,620

De­cem­ber 2012 Hear what this mon­ster of a stream­ing ma­chine can do and there will be no go­ing back. Can af­ford the out­lay? Lucky you DLNA Yes In­puts 2 x coax­ial, op­ti­cal Stor­age No

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