Class ft the fu­ture of am­pli­fi­ca­tion

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Ar­camys most re­cent inno"ation ” as found in high-end prod­ucts such as the AO^ amp, Solo Mu­sic all-in-one and :NO^ power amp ” is noth­ing less than a brand new type of am­pli­fier.

Class f works like a hy­brid car by us­ing two power sup­plies ” the pri­mary sup­ply han­dles the ma#or­ity of au­dio sig­nals, but a sec­ond kicks in when more power is re uired. 1ecause the amp wastes "ery lit­tle en­ergy, it makes for a far more ef­fi­cient setup than tra­di­tional de­signs.

Mean­while, the con­trollerys su­per-fast sil­i­con makes the switch be­tween sup­plies hap­pen so uickly that thereys no dan­ger of ¨turbo lagy ” lea"ing your ears hear­ing only glo­ri­ous, in­sight­ful and ac­cu­rately re­pro­duced mu­sic.

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