Much more than an am­pli­fier LBMO ” Arcam AGRRPB

What Hi-Fi (UK) - - Feature -

Ar­camys decades spent per­fect­ing stereo am­pli­fiers pro"ided the per­fect plat­form for its mo"e into mul­ti­chan­nel sound ” as typ­i­fied by the AGRRPB. Able to pull off the rare feat of ex­celling both with mu­sic and mo"ies, it makes an ideal heart and soul for to­dayys en­ter­tain­ment sys­tems. With lis­ten­ers de­mand­ing capti"at­ing per­for­mance from films, "ideos games, C2s, "inyl and more, prod­ucts like the AGRRPB sig­nal that, while Arcam has mo"ed with the times, it re­mains com­mit­ted to the ideals of its founders, who ha"e al­ways "alued sound ual­ity abo"e all.

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