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Pa­per, alu­minium, rub­ber: all com­mon ma­te­ri­als used for speaker cones. But the an­cient ma­te­rial used by the Egyp­tians as a pro­tec­tive cloth for mum­mies?

The F cone takes on a sand­wich struc­ture: 0.4mm of flax fi­bres en­closed in two 0.4mm lay­ers of glass-fi­bre. Flax combines three sand­wich-ma­te­rial must-havest good self-damp­ing, low den­sity (it's hol­low and half of fiber glass weight), and low elas­tic­ity (sim­i­lar to kevlar and ideal for mak­ing the sand­wich stiff). Un­like the hand-made glass W cone, the F cone is geared to­wards au­to­mated pro­duc­tion. And, handily, France is Europes main Flax cul­ti­va­tor.

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