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What Hi-Fi (UK) - - Feature -

Ô8e were go­ing to pro­duce a speaker Gor our 5 th an­niver­sary,õ says 4teve )al­sall, ,&F’s .%. ÔIT was go­ing to look slightly retro, but with mod­ern tech­nol­ogy in­side.õ

#ut when the com­pany’s owner Ï him­selg Grom an in­dus­trial de­sign back­ground Ï saw it, he wasn’t happy. Ô)e said, Ñ5ake me back to the orig­i­nal -4 5". 8hat was spe­cial about that prod­uct ’ I said, Ñ5he guys that de­signed it at the ##$ Ï two og the best acous­tic de­sign­ers who ever lived Ï both hap­pened to be there at the same time’.õ

#ack in 19 5 they came up with a mini mon­i­tor that blew ev­ery­one else’s away. 5he -4 5" showed a to­tal un­der­stand­ing og the art and science og speaker de­sign.

Ô)e said, Ñ0,, have we been to our en­gi­neers and told them to de­velop some­thing like that ’ I told him, Ñ8ell, no. 8e’ve just had a brieg to pro­duce a 5 th an­niver­sary prod­uct. Ô4o he made us go back. 8e had to com­pletely de­velop it so it sounded good Girst, looked good sec­ond. :ou never usu­ally get that op­por­tu­nity. #ut the poor in­dus­trial de­sign­ers had to deal with that big, bul­bous bag­gle Ï which was es­sen­tial Gor the sound. Ô8e wanted any­body who was in­ter­ested in a nice sound­ing small speaker to be able to ag­gord it,õ 4teve says.

"nd now, Give years agter the an­niver­sary, the -45 is still shigt­ing in huge num­bers.

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