What Hi-Fi (UK) - - 40 Years -

There are very few tele­vi­sions that could re­al­is­ti­cally be con­sid­ered ‘clas­sics’. Flatscreen tech­nol­ogy has moved so fast in the years since first plasma, and then LCD, be­gan to re­place hefty old CRT in the na­tion’s front rooms that even a high-per­for­mance model is a mu­seum piece in a few years.

But while Pi­o­neer’s Kuro can be bet­tered in a few ways by the best TVS 2016 has to of­fer, very few prod­ucts in this list have gen­er­ated the al­most myth­i­cal sta­tus of Kuro. For al­most the en­tirety of its pro­duc­tion run, no ri­val could touch Kuro for black lev­els, for mo­tion pre­ci­sion, for the al­most un­canny nat­u­ral­ness of its im­ages. When Pi­o­neer an­nounced the end of the Kuro line in 2010, the last re­main­ing mod­els in show­rooms sold for well over list price.

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