No non­sense: KEF's ac­cous­tic ap­proach

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Ray­mond Cooke wasn’t one Gor Gag­ging about. )e started his ca­reer as an in­dus­trial chemist, then joined the Royal Navy as a ra­dio op­er­a­tor in 88II be­gore com­plet­ing an &lec­tri­cal &ngi­neer­ing de­gree and mov­ing on to the ##$’s &ngi­neer­ing %es­igns %epart­ment.

8ork­ing along­side some og the world’s great­est acous­tic de­sign­ers spurred Ray­mond on to pur­sue a more sci­entigic di­rec­tion. It was a time where speaker de­sign was more Gly by the seat og your pants than test an­a­lyse test an­a­lyse so agter spending Give more years hon­ing his cragt at 8hargedale he legt to start his own com­pany to do just that.

,&F was all about engi­neer­ing, ma­te­ri­als tech­nol­ogy, logic and ad­vances in mea­sure­ment tech­nirues.

Ô5he Girst things he made had re­ally weird tech­nol­ogy in,õ says Jack 0clee #rown, ,&F’s head og acous­tics. ÔIT speaks og how he wanted to do new things, and engi­neer new ma­te­ri­als.õ

Ray­mond didn’t just keep it to him­selg he was pres­i­dent og the "udio &ngi­neer­ing 4oci­ety in 198 , and won its sil­ver medal in 199 Gor out­stand­ing con­tri­bu­tions to trans­ducer mea­sure­ments.

5hat phi­los­o­phy og eyper­i­men­ta­tion, rig­or­ous anal­y­sis and Gree Glow og ideas in­gorms ev­ery­thing ,&F does to­day.

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