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Si­mon Lu­cas, edi­tor Imag­ine, for a mo­ment, you’ve had a re­ally good idea. An idea that’s not only good, in fact, but an idea that’s mar­ketable. Feel­ing pretty pleased with your­self, right? I know I would be. The trou­ble with an idea that’s good and mar­ketable, of course, is that other peo­ple will recog­nise it as such – and im­me­di­ately they’ve done so, they’ll try to horn in on your ac­tion. Luck­ily for us, as con­sumers rather than in­ven­tors of home en­ter­tain­ment equip­ment, the slew of vari­a­tions on that ini­tial good idea can mean only one thing: greater choice and im­proved per­for­mance. That’s two things, ac­tu­ally, but you take my point. And it’s a point made ab­so­lutely crys­tal clear by this is­sue’s test of seven wire­less Blue­tooth speak­ers from just £100 (p32) – when you have the likes of Bose, Cam­bridge, JBL and Li­bra­tone scrap­ping for your money, it’s bet­ter to ig­nore the ques­tion of who’s im­i­tat­ing whom and just revel in the sort of qual­ity such a mod­est out­lay buys these days. And to try re­ally hard to have a good idea.

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