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1 Peter Vosper In­sta­gram @vosper79 Sys­tem Cyrus One, Myryad Z210, Sonus Faber Chameleon B, Roth Au­dio sub, Philips 4K TV, Plays­ta­tion 4, Sound­style Z1, Fisual speaker cable, Au­dio­quest in­ter­con­nects “This sys­tem cost nearly £3000. The Cyrus has ample power to get the speak­ers singing, and they sound fast and full of en­ergy. The ad­di­tion of the stands opened up the sound a lit­tle and took away a bit of the boom. When I want some more low end I switch on the Roth sub­woofer. Ob­vi­ously it's down to per­sonal pref­er­ence, but for now I'm very happy with my set-up.”

2 Shaun Cupp

In­sta­gram @bik­ing­shaun Sys­tem Marantz 2252b, Klip­sch Heresy III, JL Au­dio E112, Sony XBR49X800D TV, Oppo UDP 203, Ap­ple TV, U-turn Au­dio Orbit, imac, Schiit Au­dio Modi DAC, Ideon Au­dio 3R USB re­clocker “My goal was to fully in­te­grate a clas­sic 70s era Marantz re­ceiver into a mod­ern set-up. When I re­dis­cov­ered it ne­glected in a shed at my Dad’s house, I was de­ter­mined to see it in use again. It didn’t re­quire much work and the ser­vice was re­ally all cos­metic. From there I added the Klip­sch Heresy IIIS – they have the clas­sic looks and sound. On the video side, I went with the Sony XBR49X800D. The screen size is per­fect for the small space and the per­for­mance is pretty good at the price. The Oppo UDP 203 is an amaz­ing UHD Blu-ray player and I was also very pleased to see the in­clu­sion of SACD and DVD Au­dio since HD au­dio is im­por­tant to me.”

3 Robert Lindh

In­sta­gram @craken1982 Sys­tem KEF Ref­er­ence 207, Mcin­tosh MA7000, Mcin­tosh MCD500, Pro-ject RPM10, Chrome­cast Au­dio, Goldring 2500, Choseal ca­bles “Hi-fi and mu­sic has been a thing for me for about 20 years. This sys­tem is well bal­anced – bad record­ings sound bad, but still fun, and great record­ings sound truly amaz­ing. Fu­ture planned up­grades in­clude a stand­alone phono stage and a bet­ter streamer. At the mo­ment, I'm us­ing Chrome­cast Au­dio con­nected to my CD player's built-in DAC, but it has some is­sues. And of course the acous­tic treat­ment – I've done some work but I'm not fin­ished with it yet.”

4 David Smith In­sta­gram @tonights­dram Sys­tem Bow­ers & Wilkins 683 S2, Marantz PM 7005, Marantz CD6006, Pro-ject 2Xpe­ri­ence SB DC, Ap­ple TV, ipad Mini, Au­dio­quest ca­bles, Sala­man­der De­signs rack, Vi­brapods feet “I love the flex­i­bil­ity of hav­ing vinyl, CD, and high-qual­ity stream­ing for­mats all in one sys­tem that is sim­ple, looks great, easy to use, and frankly sounds amaz­ing, to my ears any­way. I hon­estly can't imag­ine hav­ing bet­ter sound in my home. I have some short-term plans to up­grade to Au­dio­quest power ca­bles, per­haps along with a Ni­a­gra 1000. A longer-term plan may in­clude the Marantz Ref­er­ence Se­ries and some B&W CM9 speak­ers.”

5 Frank Neu

In­sta­gram @soul­min­ing Sys­tem Mi­cro Seiki RX/RY1500, Wheaton, Mörch and Mi­cro Seiki ton­earms, Wh­est Au­dio TWO.2, Monk Au­dio The Monk, PS Au­dio DL III, Mac Mini, Pro­ceed PTD III, Classé Au­dio CP500, CA2100, Au­dio Psy­chic Scorpio II, Klip­sch SW115 sub, Solid­steel rack “I started 25 years ago with my first ex­pe­ri­ence in high-end com­po­nents. Af­ter a NAD 501 am­pli­fier and a NAD 302 CD Player, my sys­tem grew to in­clude the Naim Nait3 and the Naim CD3 with Dy­nau­dio Con­ture 1.1. Af­ter this came the Ger­man ST am­pli­fiers, a Pierre Lurne turntable, the Dy­nau­dio Con­ture 2.8, MBL, Chord Elec­tron­ics, YBA, Trigon... this is my cur­rent set-up.”

6 Ian Hung In­sta­gram @gooey­groove Sys­tem JBL 4312E, Dy­naco ST-150, Tech­nics SL-1200MK2, Schiit SYS, Macbook “I've gone through a few re­vi­sions but have set­tled on this. One change stemmed from a trip to a record mu­seum in Ni­ikappu. One wall of the apart­ment-sized lis­ten­ing room turned out to be the speaker it­self... the mo­ment the first note struck, I was a changed man and needed a big sound. En­ter the JBL 4312E mon­i­tors.”

7 Kris Rogers In­sta­gram @ll­cool_k Sys­tem B&W CM7, Rega Elicit-r, Blue­sound Node 2, Rega Rp3/elys 2 “I started out with a Ro­tel RA-10 amp and Sonos ZP90, then added ebay-sourced Trio KA-80 amps and a Rega RP3. When a col­league told me of a great deal on a Rega Elicit-r, I jumped at the chance. At the same time I swapped the Sonos ZP90 for a Blue­sound Node 2, and switched my Spo­tify sub­scrip­tion to Tidal Masters. The dif­fer­ence was sub­stan­tial.”

8 Mag­nus Hult­strand

In­sta­gram @mag­nus­sir­ius227 Sys­tem Naim Su­per­nait 2, Naim NDX, Synol­ogy NAS, Pro-ject 2Xpe­ri­ence Su­per­pack, Naim Stage­line N, Naim Ova­tor S-400 “I heard a lot about the 'Naim sound' and was in­trigued by it. I had a demo of the Nait XS and was blown away – this was 'my' sound. I knew then I wanted a full-blown Naim sys­tem. I'd rather spend my money on mu­sic than ca­bles and tweaks, so the Naim suits me per­fectly.”

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