STARS in his eyes!

Paddy McGuin­ness had great fun film­ing a new trib­ute act show…

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Q Peo­ple may com­pare Even Bet­ter Than the Real Thing to Stars in Their Eyes. What makes this new show dif­fer­ent? A The main dif­fer­ence is that th­ese peo­ple are pro­fes­sional trib­ute artists who do it for a liv­ing. Don’t ex­pect to see peo­ple you might see down your lo­cal work­ing men’s club who do a bit of karaoke. Th­ese are first-class trib­ute artists and that’s their full-time job! Q So what kind of trib­ute acts can we ex­pect to see? A We have five trib­ute artists who com­pete as Whit­ney Hous­ton, Bruno Mars, Ge­orge Michael, Amy Wine­house and Lit­tle Mix. Then there’s a spe­cial ‘VIP area’ where an­other 15 trib­ute acts sit and watch. I love the fact you could have Liam Gal­lagher sat with Elton John and Kate Bush hav­ing a chat – it’s just hi­lar­i­ous! Th­ese acts stay in char­ac­ter so, as well as sound­ing amaz­ing, they re­ally look like their cho­sen artist. The Madonna trib­ute is the spit­ting im­age of her, which freaked me out! Q How does the show work in terms of the for­mat? A The five cho­sen trib­ute acts per­form and then the stu­dio au­di­ence vote for their favourite. The top three go through to the next round where they each sing a duet with one of the trib­ute acts from the VIP area. The au­di­ence then votes again and the trib­ute act with the most votes is the win­ner. Q Do you en­joy a bit of karaoke from time to time? A Like most peo­ple, with karaoke I only get up to sing once I’ve had a few bevvies! Once you get a bit of Dutch courage, you think, ‘I’ll have a go at any­thing’. I have been known to belt out Sweet Caro­line! Q Did you have as much fun as you do on Take Me Out? A When I film Take Me Out I’m on the stu­dio floor all day with the lads and girls, get­ting to know them so they feel more at ease when the cam­eras start rolling.

I did ex­actly the same on this show. So it was a sim­i­lar process, ex­cept no­body goes on a date at the end!

Spot the dif­fer­ence… Paddy (right) with Ge­orge Michael and Amy Wine­house trib­ute acts

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