Linda’s pain


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She’s dev­as­tated to learn she’s missed a spe­cial mo­ment for Johnny…

H Fran­tic Martin and Stacey

await news on Arthur, who’s fallen un­con­scious… Will the lit­tle boy pull through?

H So­nia reels when a man ar­rives in Wal­ford to con­front her over a tricky sit­u­a­tion from her past in Ket­ter­ing.

H Bex gets jeal­ous when So­nia meets up with Gethin – and is dev­as­tated to later spy her mum and mu­sic teacher kiss­ing. H Wor­ried about her grand­son,

Carmel con­fides in Kush and tries to take over from Stacey.

But there’s a fur­ther shock…

H Gethin begs Bex to move on,

while So­nia calls things off. Carmel turns de­tec­tive, while Linda misses a fam­ily event…

H A se­ries of anony­mous phone calls leaves Michelle wor­ried that Tom’s the cul­prit. Phil hears some home truths from Kathy…



Wor­ried Carmel takes dras­tic ac­tion – but will she re­gret it?

Linda or­gan­ises a sur­prise grad­u­a­tion party for Johnny.

H A new vicar, Irene, ar­rives in Wal­ford. Jack gets in the mid­dle of In­grid and Keanu’s ro­mance.

Bex apol­o­gises to Gethin.

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