MasterChef: The Pro­fes­sion­als

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Chefs Marcus Ware­ing and Mon­ica Galetti re­veal there are some sur­prises and un­usual mo­ments in store!

Q What is this year’s MasterChef: The Pro­fes­sion­als giv­ing us?

Marcus We’re see­ing some in­ven­tive, cre­ative, weird and wacky but sim­ply bril­liant cook­ery.

Mon­ica This year’s been re­ally ex­cit­ing be­cause we’ve seen lots of young tal­ent. A lot of their cook­ing has been very healthy – we all want to be bet­ter in terms of what we eat and I think the younger chefs are clock­ing on to that and the clien­tele de­mand it. I like eat­ing healthy food when it tastes good. Who doesn’t?

Q The skills test is dif­fer­ent this year. In what ways?

Marcus Yes, it’s more of a cre­ative skills test this time. Rather than have them recre­ate a dish that my­self or Mon­ica has made, we start with a key in­gre­di­ent which, in episode one, is a duck breast. Then there’s a ta­ble full of in­gre­di­ents that the chefs can choose from to cre­ate a dish of their own de­sign in 20 min­utes.

Mon­ica There are cer­tainly one or two car crashes!

Q With the mood so tense in the MasterChef kitchen, do you and fel­low judge Gregg Wal­lace have any fun on set?

Mon­ica Gregg has a great mem­ory for re­mem­ber­ing punch­lines – but not how many times he’s told us that same joke! Gregg brings a real en­ergy to the show – and a great palate that never stops eat­ing. Marcus and I don’t eat as much as s


Q What’s the weird­est food you’ve had to taste so far this year?

Marcus We had some smoked sheep dung! It’s ba­si­cally dried sheep dung that goes into a smoker to then burn and give an aroma to a meat on the bone. I’m sure you can guess what it tasted like!

Mon­ica As judges, we do have to try ev­ery­thing!

Q This is the 10th se­ries of MasterChef: The Pro­fes­sion­als. Do you think the show can make it to 20?

Marcus MasterChef: The Pro­fes­sion­als is still the most de­mand­ing cook­ing show of all and it takes a very coura­geous young chef to take it on. The for­mat still works and I think the fu­ture of the show is even more ex­cit­ing.

Appetite… Gregg’s look­ing for the best pro chefs Judg­ing time… Will Marcus and Mon­ica be im­pressed?

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