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Bob ad­mits he has feel­ings for Lau­rel...

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When Bob and Lau­rel slept to­gether they were de­ter­mined that their night of pas­sion would stay a se­cret – and re­main a one-off.

Though Brenda found out her man strayed and has cho­sen to stay with him – she still has no idea that her neigh­bour and friend, Lau­rel, is

Bob’s other wo­man.

Bob’s shock be­trayal has pushed their re­la­tion­ship to the brink, and driven heart­bro­ken Brenda mad with sus­pi­cion.

Truth time

This week, though, the dirty se­cret gets an air­ing when sus­pi­cious Har­riet con­fronts Lau­rel, who even­tu­ally off­loads the ter­ri­ble truth and ad­mits she has feel­ings for Bob!

Bob reels when he hears Har­riet knows and is given a talk­ing to by the vicar. Later, he van­ishes leav­ing Brenda even more con­cerned.

At Mul­berry, Lau­rel is go­ing through sim­i­lar emo­tional hell, tor­tur­ing her­self fur­ther by watch­ing the spe­cial videos her late-hus­band Ash­ley recorded be­fore he died.

Lau­rel’s emo­tional tor­ment gets knocked off track, how­ever, by a vis­i­tor. It’s Bob and he’s got some­thing to say: he wants her, not Brenda…

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