Holby City

As Gaskell’s dodgy deal­ings are ex­posed, Hanssen con­fronts the rogue sur­geon...

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tues­day 13 No­vem­ber, 8pm (Scot, 10.45pm) BBC1 Drama

With Gaskell’s dodgy im­plant in­side her, Jac fears for her life. When word of the pro­fes­sor’s prac­tices reaches Hanssen, a deadly stand­off en­sues…

The net seems fi­nally to be clos­ing around Pro­fes­sor John Gaskell and his risky stem-cell trial this week, lead­ing to a dra­matic show­down be­tween him and Holby big­wig Hen­rik Hanssen.

Af­ter learn­ing Gaskell (Paul McGann) has been op­er­at­ing on pa­tients – in­clud­ing her – us­ing faulty im­plants, sur­geon Jac Nay­lor wants hers re­moved from her spine. But Hanssen, unaware of the risks Gaskell’s been tak­ing, thinks Jac’s be­ing ir­ra­tional and gives Gaskell and the trial his full sup­port…

‘Hanssen doesn’t want to think ill of Gaskell – he’s a man he’s known, ad­mired and loved for so many years,’ ex­plains Guy Henry, who plays Hanssen.

‘He’s blinded by his af­fec­tion for Gaskell and re­fuses to be­lieve he’s not to be trusted.’

None­the­less, Hanssen agrees to let Jac’s op go ahead and as­sists Gaskell in the­atre. At the same time, how­ever, medic Meena con­fides in Sacha about the sus­pi­cious cir­cum­stances sur­round­ing the death of sur­geon Rox­anna – and Sacha then se­cretly tells Hanssen!

Still wa­ters

With all of Holby’s se­nior staff now fear­ing that Gaskell’s lost the plot, they break into his lab. There’s no Gaskell in sight, but Sacha, Ric, Fletch and Hanssen are dis­turbed by what they find there and Hanssen is ex­posed to dan­ger…

‘Hanssen is ac­ci­den­tally con­tam­i­nated by a poi­sonous sub­stance Gaskell has cooked up for his pa­tients,’ ex­plains Guy. ‘Hanssen starts hal­lu­ci­nat­ing and is in a haze of con­fu­sion, fear and doubt. But, at last, he al­lows him­self to be­lieve Gaskell has done wrong and knows he can’t let him get away with it.’

Hanssen man­ages to track down Gaskell to a nearby lake where an in­tense, life-threat­en­ing stand-off en­sues…

‘Hanssen con­fronts Gaskell over his crimes and that’s when he re­alises his friend is truly evil,’ re­veals Guy. ‘View­ers will know Gaskell pulled Hanssen out of a lake when they were stu­dents – but will Hanssen now save Gaskell?’

Con­fronta­tion… Gaskell (left) and Hanssen clash as Jac (inset) fears for her life

Tense… Hanssen (left) al­lows Gaskell to op­er­ate –but will Jac (inset) suf­fer?

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